Student Spectator Code of Conduct



Mission statement:  Our mission is to provide a safe, inviting environment for ALL students to cheer for their team, have fun, be loud, be creative, and increase school spirit and pride, while at the same time obeying school, region, and UHSAA rules. We have an expectation that student fans show respect for fellow classmates, the opposing team, all fans, and officials in order to bring notoriety to Ridgeline High School for having the greatest fans in the state of Utah.  Our motto is keep it clean, keep it kind, and keep it classy!


Goal:  To have the reputation of being the classiest, loudest, and most spirited fans, by any definition, in the state of Utah!


Code of Conduct for both home and away games


Ridgeline students shall...  


  • cheer loudly and creatively in a positive manner 
  • respect fellow students personal space 
  • follow school, region, and UHSAA rules of conduct
  • cheer in such a manner that brings honor to the school and inspires our team competing on the field of play
  • conduct ourselves in a manner that is considered respectful to opponents and guests
  • win with character
  • lose with dignity and respect
  • Above all, have fun and help make it a great experience for ALL students.


Ridgeline students shall not…

  • taunt opposing athletes or fans
  • use profane language, divisive comments on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, creed, or national origin
  • pressure other classmates into participating in behavior that violates the code of conduct
  • ask people who were there first to move
  • save seats
  • crowd students out of the bleacher rows
  • use battery operated or electric sound amplification, including but not limited to boom boxes, portable speakers, battery operated megaphones, horns, etc.
  • display posters or banners that violate region, school, or UHSAA rules
  • display any objects, including but not limited to banners, flags, cut-outs, posters, etc., that are political in nature
  • throw any objects, including but not limited to water bottles, water balloons, soda cans, footballs, etc.



Students will be asked at the end of each season to nominate three students who did the best job in honoring the code of conduct.  These students will be honored at a school event.


Students who violate the code of conduct will be ejected from the sporting event. Future violations may result in disciplinary action, including but not limited to suspension from future sporting events for a time period deemed appropriate by the administration, parent meetings with administration, time in the NEST, or other disciplinary actions as deemed appropriate.


All students, by virtue of their being enrolled at Ridgeline High School, as well as visiting students of any age, are bound by the terms and conditions of this code of conduct known as The Ridgeline Student Spectator Code of Conduct, also known as The Hawk House Code.