Community Council Meeting Minutes

Ridgeline High School

School Community Council Meeting

May 12, 2020, 7:00 a.m.

This meeting was held through Google Meet

Members Present- Brittany Foster, Deanna Stallings, Holly Fronk, Tara Bindrup, Heather Murphy, Mary Perez, Krista Useche, Bonnie Odd, Kyle Day, Alex Hansen, Emma Smith, David Hiatt

Members Absent- Jim Crosbie


  1. Welcome/approve minutes- Heather Murphy moved to approve and Mary Perez 2nded.


  1. TSSA plan, Trust Lands, COVID-19 and other pertinent updates – Principal Foster

Budget update for Trust Land- most remaining Trust Land monies will be used for teacher salaries over the summer.  There will be a carry-over balance for next year.


TSSA Action Plan- (State funding source controlled by the schools with minimal oversight by the district with only suggested guidelines).  Based off of last year’s amount, we should get $179,000. Two goals- #1 Increase growth of the lowest 25% by 3% from the 2018-2019 data on the state report card.  Goal #2: Improve Outcomes for English Language Learners and Students of Latino/Hispanic Backgrounds


  • Lower class sizes (FTE - $65,000)
  • Parent Liaison (FTE - $65,000)
  • Will work with school leadership team to determine other needs (i.e.

professional development, technology, etc.)



  • Teachers, administrators, and staff working mainly from home
    • UHSAA moratorium ends May 25, waiting for further guidance from Governor Herbert, BRHD, and the District
  1. Update from Counseling office – Alex Hansen

Goal for rest of year is to have every student earn credit in every class.  Adjustments have been made to grading scale. Trying to track students down and helping seniors get credits finalized for graduation.  Continue working on data projects with Latino freshman students to be ready for concurrent enrollment options (GPA 3.0) by Junior and Senior year.  Mary Perez asked if working with the Latino students included communication with their parents. Alex responded that most interaction has been with the students; however, Maria Hunsaker has been helpful in getting information to parents and communicating with them.  Mary Perez emphasized the continuing issue with the language barrier and its impact with parent involvement.


  1. Upcoming Events-


Cap & Gown pick-up, May 13
Graduate pictures/video for virtual ceremony, May 14 & 15

Return of check-outs, May 19-22, 26
Senior grab-bag/yearbooks, May 22
Personal graduation moments, May 26 & 27
Virtual graduation ceremony, May 28
Yearbook pick-up May 28 & 29
Last day of school, May 29


  1. Elections for new council members next year-

Discussed that 3 parent positions will be open next year, possibly add a 4th parent.  Nomination process will be started through email sent by Brittany.  If more than 3 parents express interest, an election will be held.


 Other: 1st SCC meeting for next year will be September 8th.

Agenda items for next year- Work on ways to involve parents of English Language Learners and Students of Latino/Hispanic Backgrounds of educational opportunities.