Community Council Meeting Minutes

Ridgeline High School

School Community Council Minutes

November 12, 2019 at 7:00 a.m.

Ridgeline Conference Room


Members Present: Holly Fronk (parent, Chair), Mary Perez (parent, vice-chair), Krista Useche (parent council member), Bonnie Odd (teacher), Emma Smith (teacher), Kyle Day (teacher), Tara Bindrup (parent council member), DeAnna Stallings (AP, non-voting), Brittany Foster (Principal)


Members Absent: David Hiatt (parent council member), Heather Murphy (parent council member), Jim Crosbie (non-voting council member)


Visitors:  Marcie Lyons (parent), Diane Theurer (parent), Jeff Nielsen (parent, CCSB), Alex Hansen (counselor)


Conducting: Holly Fronk


Agenda Item #1Review and approve minutes -Holly asked if all had reviewed the minutes from the October meeting.  The motion was made to approve minutes, motion 2nded.


Agenda Item #2:  Community Council Training- website, video, etc.- Holly asked if all had a chance to review training video.


Agenda Item #3: Principal Foster’s update on School Land Trust Budget and other information- Aspire Plus testing data in from last year. The overall composite score as a school is 22.9. There is no comparison for state data, only district average comparison per subject. English, math and science composite are above the average district score, while reading is at the district average.  The benchmark score indicates college readiness. We are well above in maths and English, but we have room to grow in reading and science. Ridgeline scored highest in English, science, and math compared to other high schools in our district, however, we are just below Green Canyon’s average score in reading.  The most recent composite ACT score for our graduating seniors last year was 21.4; a significant improvement from this same group of students as juniors with a composite of 20.6.  This shows significant improvement from Jr. to Sr. year. All juniors take the ACT.  Only students who want to try to improve their score retake as Seniors. Nationwide students are now able to retake just one subject area test of the ACT instead of the entire test! Big change!


Budget update:  Estimate $134,000 (68%) remaining out of $195,000 allocated from our action plan.  We still need to hire a special ed aide (held interviews last week), the fund for Diversity student conference at USU, and digital citizenship activities as needed.


Agenda Item #4: Counselor’s report- Alex Hansen reported that during College and V-tech Application week, 41% of the senior class filled out one, or more, college applications. The PTA committee did an excellent job with counseling and assisting with scholarship applications, (84% senior participation).


Agenda Item #5:  Digital citizenship- Report by Bonnie Odd- District is looking at filling gaps caused by the state’s lost contract with NetSmartz and the inadequacy of the state’s replacement program. We have allotted School Trust Lands monies for developing lessons for students who have misused media and are assigned to the Nest (in-school suspension). The student will receive an email with a tutorial including slide shows and curriculum taken from Common Sense Media, including student survey questions and answers, videos, definitions, etc. Bonnie expressed concern with the liability of developing a curriculum of such a sensitive nature without guidelines and the use of outdated resources.  A question to the committee? What do we do with the results?  Who will review the tutorials?  It was suggested that students review completed tutorials with their parents.  It was emphasized that the important part of the whole tutorial is the discussion with the student. Holly suggested contacting Collin Kartchner, past presenter on social media safety, as a possible resource.


Agenda Item #6 Parking lot safety- David not present, hold for next month’s agenda


Agenda Item #7 Upcoming- 2nd tri starts November 19, Food Drive going on now, basketball and wrestling tryouts going on this week, several concerts, musical auditions, awards night.


Future items:  Continue working on digital citizenship, possibly through the counseling department.




Next meeting:  Tuesday, December 10, at 7:00 a.m. Ridgeline High School conference room


Minutes prepared by Tara Bindrup