Community Council Meeting Minutes

Ridgeline High School School Community Council Minutes

Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at 7:00 a.m. Ridgeline Conference Room

Members Present: Sandra Hugie (co-Chair/parent), Emma Smith (teacher), Brittany Foster (Assist. Principal, non-voting member), Maria Hunsaker (Chair/parent), Robert Henke (principal), Holly Fronk (parent), Heather Murphy (parent), Bridget Crane (School counselor, non-voting member), Wendy Finley (Secretary/parent), Kyle Day (teacher).

Members Absent: Jim Crosbie (Assist. Principal, non-voting member), Jeff Neilson (parent/school board rep.), Kerri Williams (parent), Bonnie Odd (teacher), Tara Bindrup (parent),

Visitors: Diane Theurer, Marcie Lyons

Conducting: Maria Hunsaker

Agenda Item #1: Welcome & Approve April 2019 Minutes Discussion: Maria Hunsaker made a motion to approve minutes from April’s meeting and Robert Henke seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous to approve the minutes.

Agenda Item #2: Principal’s Updates: Trustland Budget and other school information Discussion: Principal Henke stated the Trustland Budget is spent down to 32.9% as of May 6th. There will be a few more expenses such as paying teachers for professional development days and summer school. Todd Whitaker will be coming to the school the first week of June for one day to talk about what great teachers do differently. Principal Henke has learned a lot from Mr. Whitaker and has applied several principles to his administration. He is excited to have him come and meet with teachers on a more intimate setting and inspire them to be great teachers. We will be paying our teachers to attend that meeting as well. Those expenses will get us down to the 10% that is needed to be spent by June 10, 2019.

Agenda Item #3: TSSA – New Education Funding Brittany Foster informed the council that the Utah State legislature has passed funding for education based on student enrollment. $124 per student with about 25% going to the district to teacher salary increases. The remaining 75% goes to the individual schools and each school decides how to spend the money. It is similar to Trustland funds as each school has to create a school improvement plan and show how the school will be using the money to meet the needs identified in the plan. There isn’t a lot of information out there because it is so new. However, the district will let the schools know the largest needs in the district. One of those needs is salary increases which is why the district is using the 25% for teacher salaries. The other needs are the highest academic needs, improving outcomes for English language learners, and technology. Mrs. Foster stated it is required to meet with a group of parents like the school community council and so she is presenting the plan for feedback today. The plan does not have any funds spent on technology since it was decided the school’s needs for technology are met with current funds from the district and incoming funds from CTE classes. The plan does have goals for spending the funds on highest academic need and improving outcomes for English language learners. The goal for highest academic need is to close the large achievement gap that exists in the underserved population, i.e. minorities and students with disabilities. In language arts last year only 5% of the students with disabilities were proficient on the SAGE test compared to 58% of all of our students. So that is a huge achievement gap. 42% of our Hispanic population were proficient compared to 58% of all of our students. The goal is to reduce that gap. Mrs. Foster chose 2% as the amount to decrease the gap. It is hard to know what to expect since this is a new goal and our testing has changed. The gap for Science was 21% proficient for students with disabilities and 41% for Hispanic students compared to 69% for all students. Math was about 10% proficiency for students with disabilities and 35% for Hispanic students compared to 66% for all students. In order to decrease that gap one of the goal is to increase the amount of special education students who are proficient in Math 3 and increasing enrollment in English 12 for special education students. Currently, all that is required is Math 2 for special education students. Another goal is to increase the number of special education students that complete a CTE pathway. These pathways are a way to jumpstart a student’s career after high school. Currently, only 23% of our special education students are completing a CTE pathway compared to 27% of the rest of the student population. The goal is to increase that amount to 24%. The estimated funds are $120,000 and the plan is to use half of those funds for the previously stated goals. The first action plan is to reduce class sizes by offering more courses and offer additional co-taught courses in Math 3 and English 12. Co-taught classes are where a special education teacher and a regular classroom teacher work together in the classroom to teach the course and mainstream the special education student into the general education class. Another action plan is to increase the number of Latino students who enroll in and complete a concurrent enrollment course. The goal is to increase it by 4%. Currently, 25% of the Latino population are taking concurrent enrollment classes compared to 52% for the general student population. Mrs. Foster is still working on obtaining data for Math 3 and English 12 courses so an action plan can be made for increasing enrollment. She also stated she wants to increase the scores for the WIDA test which is a test that English language learners take to show their proficiency in English. She currently doesn’t know the overall average test score, but she wants to see that improve. Another goal is to increase the number of Latino students who enroll in and pass Math 3. Again, there is no data as of yet so an action plan isn’t set up yet. The next goal is to increase the average ACT score for the Latino population. Last year’s average score was 16.6 and she wants to increase it to 17, which is the state’s average. Mrs. Foster stated she would like to hire a Latino Community Outreach Specialist to reach out to parents and help them be more involved. The funds could also be used to help a current teacher obtain their ESL endorsement. There would also be some broad-spectrum training for all teachers to help teachers better serve the Latino students at our school. Mrs. Foster then asked for questions and feedback from the council. There was a question asked as to what defines a special education student. It was defined as a student who is currently on an IEP. Mrs. Foster also stated that not all Latino students are English language learners, but it is easier to pull data for all the Latino students. There is a huge gap for Latino students and the English language learners are part of that group. Therefore, she grouped them together for the plan. Maria Hunsaker asked what the current population of Latino students is at the school. Currently, there are 70 Latino students in the 10-12th grades. She does not know the incoming 9th-grade population. Mrs. Foster then asked for approval from the council for the plan.

Agenda Item #4: School counselor Update Bridget Crane gave the counselor’s update. They recently had their College Decision Day at the end of April. They give food to the Seniors and take their picture with the pennant of where they are going. Senior Awards Assembly is coming up. Currently, there are over 4 million dollars in scholarships being awarded. The average amount in prior years has been 2.5 million dollars. Tomorrow the 8th grade Latino students from Spring Creek, South Cache, and the charter schools are coming to take a school tour and spend time with the Diversity Discovery class. There will be a round table discussion and they will be able to talk with current Latino high school students. They will have lunch with them also. Summer school will be held the first three weeks of summer for those students who need to make up credit. Students who are over the age of 16 can take classes at Bridgerland over the summer. Drivers Education will also be offered over the summer.

Agenda Item #5: Other School Information Discussion: Maria congratulated Mr. Day on being named the new head basketball coach. The question was asked if students who received high ACT scores are ever acknowledged at graduation. Bridget Crane stated that at the Senior Awards Assembly there is a President’s Education Award for students who receive higher than a 25 on their ACT and have a GPA of 3.67 or higher. Another suggestion was to acknowledge the Sterling Scholar students at the Senior Awards Assembly. Currently, they just go pick up a plaque at the office. Sandra Hugie asked if an election email had been sent out to replace the three open positions for the school council next year. Mrs. Foster stated she had not sent out the request for applications yet.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Wendy Finley. Heather Murphy seconded the motion.

The meeting was adjourned. Next meeting: Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2019, at 7:00 a.m.

Minutes prepared by Wendy Finley