Choir Auditions



Encore and Bella Voce Auditions and other Choir Information


*ENCORE and BELLA VOCE auditions will be held the second week of school: August 28th-30th. More information on what will be expected for auditions can be found in the choir room. All are encouraged to audition! BELLA VOCE and ENCORE are 2nd and 3rd trimester courses.
*AVENUE is no longer an auditioned only ensemble. Instead, students interested in singing in Avenue will need to get pre-approval from Mr. Putnam to join the class. Students with previous singing/music experience are encouraged. AVENUE is a first trimester course, so please sign up for it!
*MIXED CHOIR is a non auditioned, entry level choral ensemble. This class will be a little more relaxed in the terms of what we sing and how we sing it. Anyone who hasn't sung in a choir before, or anyone interested in exploring how to get better at singing, should feel free to sign up for this class. All are welcome!
I am planning on being at school all throughout registration week to provide audition information, grant pre-approval for Avenue, or to just answer any questions. Please feel free to stop by! I would love to get as many students as we can get into the choir program to do some singing this year. If you have any questions before registration, please feel free to reach out to me at
Hope to see you soon! 
-Mr. Putnam
Choir Director