SORA for free digital and audiobooks

How to use SORA

 Getting Started with Sora



What is SORA?  Sora is a company that libraries can use to create a virtual collection, mainly of eBooks and audiobooks.  Each library has its own unique collection of books and Cache County School District has created one for our students.  Sora is FREE!

Get the app- Find the app at  (Apps available for Kindle Fire, Android, Apple devices, etc.)

Read/Listen from a computer or chromebook- type “” into any internet browser.

Login- The username and password is the same as the one that students use to login to chromebooks, PowerSchool, etc. 

How to use? The quickest way to learn about Sora is to visit their site 

Tips- One of my favorite things to do is to select “Preferences,” and change them so that instead of showing “Everything,” it will only show me “Available books;” then quite often I find something that I want to read until my hold becomes available.

Virtual Library Advantages- You can never lose these books or have late fees because they will automatically delete from an account when you reach the due date, or you can return it earlier if you desire.  If a title is not available it can be put on hold or on a wishlist. 


Virtual Library Disadvantages- You need a device or PC to read on and an internet connection to download a title, but once downloaded you have it for 3 weeks.