School Lunch program information

  • Students may choose to buy lunch or bring their own.
  • Lunches can be pre-paid in the main office or can be paid during lunch at the lunch  secretary office.
  • Students will be notified when their accounts are nearing a zero balance.
  • Free and reduced-price lunches are available by application.
  • Forms may be picked up in the main office.
  • If students bring a home lunch and need a microwave, they may use the one in the break room. (across from the  boys dressing room). 
  • If a student has a negative balance, their card will be taken away.
  • When a student forgets or loses a lunch card, a student may pick up a orange slip during lunch from the lunch secretary which they may use as  a lunch card for that day only. 
  • A new lunch card may be purchased at the main office for $5 when an original lunch card is lost.
  • All items, including ala carte items, in the cafeteria may be purchased with a lunch card, if they have money in their  
  • They may purchase items with cash only in ala carte, or with their lunch card.
  • We ask that all food items be consumed in the cafeteria to help keep our school clean. 

If you have any concerns or questions feel free to visit our lunch room or contact the lunch manager at the school or the lunch secretary.


*Lunch for students is $2.25 ($11.25/week)

*Adults $3.50/day 

*Breakfast for students $1.65/day ($8.25/week) 

*Adult breakfast $1.65/day ($8.25/week)

*Lunch is served daily (see daily schedule) 

*Breakfast served daily 7:30- 8:00