Attendance Policy

Following are the basic attendance policy requirements.

There are three classes of absences:

  • Verified (those cleared by a parent contact with the attendance office)
  • Unverified (those not cleared by a parent)
  • School Excused (those absences due to a student's involvement in a school activity).

Students must check in/out through the Attendance Office:

  • When missing a partial day in order for the absence to be verified.
  • When arriving late to school to obtain a permit to enter class.

A parent/legal guardian will have five (5) school days to verify (report the cause) of any full day absence. After that the absence will remain unverified and may be marked as a truancy. After 5 days a parent/guarding cannot change the student’s attendance. This can be appealed through an assistant principal.

During class time, students are expected to be in class. Students are not allowed to be in the school building if they are not enrolled in a class. Violators will be cited for trespass and referred to the courts.