Electronic Devices and School Dress Code

DRESS CODE          

Purpose: The courts, state, and federal laws, as well as Cache County Schools and the rules of conduct policies, require an atmosphere at school which provides for a safe, orderly, and distraction-free learning environment. The following dress code has been designed to support such an environment.


There is a positive relationship between good dress and grooming habits, good work and study habits, and proper school behavior. Cleanliness and modesty must be practiced. Any apparel that is immodest, unclean, and/or distracting will not be permitted in the school. If clothing, hair style, or personal adornment is, in the judgment of the administration, causing disruptive behavior in school or at any school function, appropriate action will be taken.


Students shall dress in a manner that shows respect for the educational environment and is befitting the day’s activities. Students’ clothing and jewelry must not present a health or safety hazard or distraction, which would disrupt the educational mission. Disruption is defined as reactions by other individuals to the clothing or adornment, which causes the teacher/administrator to lose the attention of the students, to modify or cease instructional activities, or to deal with student confrontations or complaints.


Responsibilities: Adherence to dress and grooming standards is the responsibility of the student and his/her parents/guardians. Enforcement of the school’s dress code and standards is the responsibility of the school administration, faculty, and staff. Teachers are expected to remind non-complying students of the rules and to seek compliance, according to the Cache County School District Board Policy.

Teachers are expected to report to the administration any student who does not comply with the teacher’s request.


Consequences: If a student chooses to wear inappropriate clothing to school, the student will call a parent to bring appropriate clothing, be sent home to change (with parental permission), or wear clothing provided by the school. Should the student violate the dress code again, the school administration will contact a parent/guardian and/or suspend the student. Inappropriate items at school may be confiscated. South Cache is not responsible for any item(s) lost or stolen.

South Cache Middle School has established the following guidelines to aid parents and students in selecting proper school attire.


  1. Distracting or abbreviated clothing is considered unacceptable. Any clothing the teachers, staff, and administration consider distracting or obscene to the educational process is not allowed.  Shorts and skirts should be worn near the knee.  Students’ shirts, blouses, or upper clothing are required to have sleeves. Pants must be worn securely around the waist without exposing underwear, holes in jeans above the knee must not reveal skin or undergarments, whether or not the shirt is tucked in. Transparent or baggy clothing that does not cover or reveals undergarments will not be allowed.  Coats and backpacks are not allowed in the classrooms.  Profane or obscene slogans and pictures or advertisements of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, bullets, or weapons of any sort including any that are found on jewelry, belts and other accessories are not allowed.


  1. JEWELRY/Accessories - Students should select and wear jewelry that does not create a safety hazard or interfere with one’s work. Students may wear fine jewelry for necklaces and bracelets; however, choke chains, visible wallet chains, or any emblems depicting gangs or drugs, are not


  1. Shoes are required at all times.


  1. Pajamas are not considered appropriate school attire and may not be worn at school.


  1. Hats and sweatshirt hoods are not to be worn in the building.


  1. Wearing gang symbols, jewelry, or emblems is not allowed. These items are not to be worn at school or school sponsored activities: Clothing, bandannas, gloves, hats, belts or personal adornment that exhibits gang writing or insignias or is gang related, or in the opinion of the administration indicates gang affiliation, is not permitted.


This dress code is for the protection and preservation of the teaching and learning environment and for the safety of all students, staff members, and visitors. Please remember that the dress code policy applies to all students whether attending school or any school function.


The Cache County School Board and South Cache Middle School recognizes the value of electronic devices but also understands if used inappropriately, they can disrupt the learning environment.  As such, we support the policy of acceptable use of electronic devices at school while also creating reasonable expectations for limits.


The Policy for Secondary Schools and electronic devices can be found at:




  • Section 9000 Students
  • Conduct: Student Cellular Device Policy


Students who fail to adhere to the policy guidelines may result in disciplinary measures such as listed:


  • Verbal warning. Student may be asked to turn off their device in the presence of the teacher and may be allowed to put it away.
  • Device may be taken away until the end of the day (to be picked up by student). Offense may be logged in PowerSchool.
  • Device may be taken away from the student and must be picked up by the student’s parents during school hours or after school, after consultation with a school administrator. Offense may be logged in PowerSchool.
  • Student may lose the privilege to use device on district property. Offense may be logged in PowerSchool.


Students may use personal phones to call or text parents during the day in the main office.


The School administration cautions and maintains that unsuitable or inappropriate communication between students out of school hours using social media or other electronic medium will not be dealt with at the school level.  Any problems or issues negatively affecting South Cache students out of school hours should be handled by students and guardians, and/or referred to local law enforcement. 


It is recommended that electronic devices are left at home.  South Cache Middle School and Cache County School District will not be liable for damaged, lost or stolen phones/electronics.