North Cache 2022-2023 Teacher of the Year

22-23 Teacher of the Year is Mckay Cordner


"Mckay is a positive influence at North Cache Middle School.  He is a strong advocate for helping our students to be successful even if that means trying something new and potentially uncomfortable for himself. As a department team leader, he challenges himself and others to stretch and grow professionally.  He is also a valued member of our FOCUS team where he helps to develop and present our monthly professional development based on the Big 5 of Effective Instruction.  

Mckay provides many opportunities for students to learn science principles through hands-on experiences which adds to the positive experience students have in his classes.  He is well liked by his students and peers.  We are fortunate to have Mckay as an integral part of our North Cache family."

Cindy Parkinson, NCMS Principal