Bulldog Times Newspaper Teacher Spotlight




Mrs. Martin, a Taurus, is one of our beloved teachers here at North Cache. Although her favorite subject in school was art when she was our age, she is now a writing extension teacher. Mrs. Martin loves teaching. She was born in Burley, Idaho, went to West Minico Junior High, and became a teacher in 1993. She loves the colors green and navy blue. Mrs. Martin enjoys the lunchroom salad, and in her own words: “P.S. I love Tom Cruz.” Make sure you stop by room 134 so you can meet Mrs. Martin in person, and see all of her Tom Cruz posters!




Mr. Groll is an excellent Utah History teacher here at North Cache Middle School. Mr. Groll’s favorite color is forest green and he is a Scorpio. He was born in Logan, Utah and went to Mount Logan when he was our age. He became a teacher in 2003 and has been teaching at North Cache for 15 years. Although he got his original degree in Utah History, his favorite subject in school used to be science. He chose to be a Utah History teacher here because, according to Mr. Groll, it is his “favorite thing to teach.” We hope you stop by room 403 sometime so you can meet Mr. Groll in person!