Here are 55 ideas of things to do with your children:

Even though this is a tough time, we can still make good memories and enjoy being together.


Social Distancing can be a time to build stronger relationships as a family. Research has shown when we do things together as a family, our mental health and well-being improves.

Here are 55 technology-free things to do during social distancing (or anytime you want to have some fun!): 

55 Things to do Together:

  1. Play musical instruments (or make up your own instrument)
  2. Singing songs together
  3. Write and illustrate a book
  4. Learn Origami
  5. Paint Rocks
  6. Practice some of the things your kids are learning in school
  7. Play school and have your kids teach you what they are learning 
  8. Invent a new family holiday or tradition
  9. Have a costume contest or a fashion show
  10. Paper airplanes contest
  11. Eating dinner together and talking about good news
  12. Camping Indoors
  13. Have a cooking competition
  14. Think of a new invention
  15. Read a book alone or together
  16. Play board games together
  17. Crafts
  18. Cleaning
  19. Decorating
  20. Cooking dinner together
  21. YouTube Workouts
  22. Write letters or draw pictures for someone you love or someone in need
  23. Make a bucket list
  24. Gratitude Journal/Normal Journaling
  25. Dance Party
  26. Paint nails or try a new hair style
  27. Call or video chat with someone you love
  28. Write a poem or a song
  29. Plan a vacation that you would want to do someday
  30. Practice some mindfulness or meditation apps
  31. Practice Portuguese or a new language on the Duo Lingo app
  32. Build something with legos, blocks, or boxes around the house
  33. Build a blanket fort
  34. Paint
  35. Play dough or make your own play dough
  36. Write a play and perform it together
  37. Draw a picture
  38. Do something nice for someone in your family or a friend
  39. Do puzzles or crossword puzzles
  40. Make a treat together
  41. Learn some new trivia about your favorite subject and teach it to someone 
  42. Cut out pictures in magazines and make a dream or wish board
  43. Make a summer bucket list
  44. Play Hide and Go Seek (Can also be outside)
  45. Indoor scavenger hunt (Can also be outside)
  46. Indoor picnic (Can also be outside)
  47. Go on a bike ride
  48. Go for a family drive in the canyon
  49. Look for different shapes in the clouds
  50. Go bird watching
  51. Play Outside
  52. Play Soccer or catch outside
  53. Go on a walk or hike
  54. Look for different kinds of bugs in the yard
  55. Think of more things to add to the list together

Here are some more fun activities for kids: