Working Together to Keep All of Our Students Safe!

Winter Pick Up Policy ~ Updated Letter from Principal Adams


Please follow these guidelines:

~When using the front drive for curbside pick-up, ALL cars must exit by turning left. There is no right turn there at any time that a crossing guard is on duty.

~Please do not U-Turns on 600 South, we have had too many narrow escapes with accidents and students who have nearly been hit.

~No parking on the curb between the entry to the teacher parking lot and the entry to the front drive.

~Parents who park on the street need to either wait in their car for their child to use the sidewalk and crosswalk to reach them.

If you desire to park and come pick up your child in front of the school, you MUST use the sidewalks and crosswalks so that no one is cutting through traffic in the front drive pick up lane or on 600 S. to pick up children.