Reading Counts Program Details

Welcome to River Heights Reading Counts!


Below you will find some rules, dates and incentives for Reading Counts 2021-2022.


Reading Counts is a great program that gives students practice in test taking and also encourages them to pay attention while reading. This year, quizzes may be taken at home and at school. Here is the link for Reading Counts at home.



There are some guidelines that need to be addressed. The program will give a student three chances to pass the quiz with 80% or better. Only one chance per day is given. When the points for a book are earned, the program will not allow the student to take the book quiz again. Also, if a student tries three times and does not pass, the program will not permit them to take the quiz again.  If there is a problem, please talk to your child’s teacher or to Mrs. Olsen in the library. (


Parents, please remember when reading books at home to younger students, the RC quizzes are based on the lexile or reading comprehension of the book. Often younger students lack the skills to pass RC tests of these higher-level books.


Students may ask for help finding the quiz on Reading Counts but once the quiz has started until question #10 is answered, students are on their own. No talking or helping is allowed from other students, siblings or parents. No one should stand behind or talk to students taking a quiz. If waiting for a computer at school, students are asked to wait on the ABC rug.


If you have questions on the lexile or points of any book, send Donna Olsen an email at along with the title and author of the book and she will shoot an email back with the relevant information. There is also a link labeled Reading Counts on the River Heights Elementary lab page.


We strictly adhere to a code of honesty with our students at River Heights Elementary and cheating will not be tolerated.


Your children are valuable and precious to us. We want nothing greater than to see that they succeed and we appreciate all the hard work that you do in helping RHE achieve this goal.



Procedures for Reading Counts

  • While taking quizzes NO parents, siblings or friends may help.
  • There will be no standing behind students taking tests. If at school, wait on the blue ABC rug.
  • Books are not allowed, however, a paper with the title and author is acceptable.
  • Anyone involved in cheating will have all points suspended pending a meeting between parents, student and Mrs. Adams. They will forfeit attending the activity.
  • If possible, students should choose books on appropriate lexile or grade level.




Effective dates:


Points are set back to ZERO at the beginning of each new term

 (September 1st, November 13th & February 5th.)


  • 1st Term September 1st – November 12th          11 Weeks
  • 2nd Term November 13th – February 4th              12 Weeks
  • 3rd Term February 5th – May 6th                         13 Weeks


2nd Grade Chapter Challenge     

  • 30 Point Club February 7th – April 22nd                     11 weeks



Activities are scheduled below and may change due to district guidelines


3rd - 5th grades


1st Activity & Points:

  • 40 points – 3rd Grade Activity in the gym
  • 60 Points – 4th Grade December 3rd
  • 80 points – 5th Grade


2nd Activity & Points:                     

  • 60 points – 3rd Grade Ice Skating w/ hot chocolate and donuts
  • 80 Points – 4th Grade Mid March@ Ice Skating at Ellen Eccles Ice Arena
  • 100 Points – 5th Grade


3rd Activity & Points

  • 80 Points – 3rd Grade Swim Fest @ Mt Crest w/ ice cream
  • 100 Points – 4th Grade Mid May depending on availability
  • 120 Points – 5th Grade


**** Teachers are responsible to reward students meeting other class goals

2nd grade – Chapter Challenge

  • 30 Points                         Popcorn Party with Pete and PJs

                                                        April 29th in the library/gym


30 points: Bring a towel and wear pajamas

40 points: Bring a stuffed animal

50 points: Bring a small pillow