Providence Elementary Safety

Dear Parents,


I would like to inform you of some important changes that are taking place at Providence Elementary with regards to safety.


Starting on the first day of school, students will have the option of entering the building through the main front doors, the southeast doors, or the north doors. Each of these doors will be monitored by an adult.


In addition, we will be locking the front doors at 9:15. All doors will remain locked during the school day and any visitors MUST enter through the main doors by the office. Our office staff will keep an eye out for visitors and will open the door as they see you coming. If no one sees you, our office phone number will be posted on the front door. Please call the office and someone will be out to let you in. Eventually, the district will be installing a doorbell/buzz-in system. This will allow the office staff to see who is requesting entry and then buzz them in from the office.


To make this work, we will need the cooperation of all staff, students, and parents. Teachers are being asked to monitor all exterior doors at all times when students are entering or exiting the building during the school day to ensure that no unauthorized individuals are permitted to enter. Teachers have been instructed to send ALL visitors to the main entrance, even if they know the individual.


Students will be trained to never open any exterior door for an adult during school hours, even if they recognize the adult seeking entry. We are asking all parents to only enter the school through the main entrance. We ask that you do not put students or teachers in a position where, wanting to be helpful, they would feel pressured to open a door for an adult.


Please understand that the safety of our students is our highest priority and that we are doing our best to take every precaution.


We are looking forward to a fantastic year!


Thank you for your understanding and support!


Mr. Keck