Morning Messages

Morning Message Oct 29 Thankful Thursday Eagle Notes

Morning Message Oct 28 - School Pride Day for Red Ribbon Week

Morning Message Oct 27 - Friday Costume Clarification

Morning Message Oct 26 - Crazy Hair/Silly Hat Day (not a YouTube link)

Morning Message about Red Ribbon Week next week. (not a YouTube link.  It will download a video)

Morning Message October 21, 2020 - Bring Your own Masks!

Digital Citizenship Week   Video from CyberWise  - Have a Fantastic Day of Learning and be safe on the internet!

Morning Message Oct. 19 - Mini Tour of School Website

Morning Message Oct. 14 Fall Break reminder and Nat'l School Lunch Week

Oct. 13, 2020 Mrs. Healy read some Eagle's Gratitude notes

October 9 Morning Message - We get to have Halloween parties this year!

Morning Message Oct 8 - New lunch staff for a week or so - keep lunch area clean

October 7 - Eagle's Notes by Dexter and Carter

Morning Message Octo 6 - Reminder about Fundraiser

October 5th Eagle Notes and old time radio

October 2 - Who helps you thrive at school?

October 1, 2020   Monthly Growth Mindset Theme

September 29 - PTA is selling school face masks

IMPORTANT! Using trays again in the lunchroom.

Sept 25. Lunch reminder; MASK UP, CLEAN UP, and WALK outside - no running

Morning Message Sept 24 Don't use mask as a tissue

Sept 23 Breakfast and Lunch are FREE until January

Sept 22 - Funny video clip of Chewy and an Eagle's Nest of Gratitude

Morning Message Sept 21 - Picture Day this Thursday

Morning Message Sept 18. Mickey and Ellie show us how to wear a mask

Morning Message Sept 17 Eagle's Nest of Gratitude Notes

Morning Message Sept 16 - Meet our new counselor Mrs. Paez

Sept 15 - Free Breakfasts and Lunches through December - all doors locked except front in the morning

Morning Message Set 14 - Eagle's nest notes and You've Got a Friend in Me

Sept 11 - Car Pickup, Eagle's Nest Appreciations, Thank You to our Heroes

Morning Message Sept 10 - Mrs. Healy is at the dentist before school

Morning Message Sept 9 - How to use the school website to nominate a person for Eagle's Nest of Gratitude

Morning Message Aug 4 POWER of YET

Sept. 3 Eagle's Nest of Gratitude

Sept. 2 Bus area, walkers, riding bikes

Sept 1 Lunch times changed to help slow eaters

Aug 31 Keep track of your coats and cold lunches

Friday August 28, 2020 Playground boundaries and where to put lunch boxes

Morning Message August 27

August 26, 2020

August 25, 2020 Morning Message