Welcome Back to School 2020-2021


Updated on August 18, 2020

White Pine Elementary Parents and Students,


I am so excited to have your students back with us! Thank you for your support through online school last spring.  I am so lucky to be a part of the Richmond community!  As we prepare for the upcoming school year I wanted to share some information with you so you have time to be prepared for the first day. Make sure your PowerSchool information is current! This will be crucial in receiving the latest information.


Back to School Virtually: Check out the school website on Wednesday, August 19th for grades 1-6 and Tuesday, August 25th for Kindergarten

  • Traditionally we have had everyone come into the school before the year started so you could meet the teachers and see where desks are, etc.  This year we will be doing Back to School Night virtually.  We will send video links out to each family to view the day before school begins.  You may also get a welcome letter/email from teachers giving you the essential information you need for the classroom along with information on supplies, etc.


          Kindergarten Info:

  • Kindergarten will start on Wednesday, August 26th.  AM Kindergarten will run from 9:05-11:45 Monday-Friday.  PM Kindergarten will run from 12:10-2:50 Monday-Friday.  We sent kindergarten welcome letters last week with instructions for signing up for a K.E.E.P. assessment time on the 17th, 18th, or 19th of August. Class placements will be done AFTER we have every kindergarten student tested.  Check your email on August 20th for which session your kindergarten student will be attending.


IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ   Richmond City has reduced funding for crossing guards.  There will be only two now.  Please contact Jeremy Kimpton, City Administrator,  if you have any questions.  (435) 258-2092


  • There will no longer be a crossing guard on the highway.
  • There will be a crossing guard at 100 West and Main Street.
  • There will be a crossing guard at 100 North and 100 West.


NEW! Online School with Cache County School District

  • Our district’s online school has certified teachers and uses the same textbooks and programs that we use here at White Pine. Students will still receive White Pine emails and will still be registered at White Pine.  Their names will just be taken off the teacher’s class lists.
  • Online school pre-registration ended Friday, August 7th.  If you missed this deadline you will need to call the district office at: 435-752-3925 to get registration information.  
  • If your child has an IEP or 504 and receives specialized instruction, we will still be able to provide them support and accommodations online to meet those needs.
  • When you are ready for your student to come back into our school, contact me by email or phone and we can determine the best time for your child to re-enter.  Whenever possible, we would like for students to re-enter when they are able to be at the same place as the students in the regular classroom in their reading and math programs.  

In-Person School at White Pine:

  • Our school day has been adjusted and will run from 9:05-2:50 Monday-Friday. Students who arrive before school starts will be invited to go outside to the playground, sit in their classrooms at 8:50, or go to breakfast.  Breakfast starts at 8:35 and students will be supervised by the lunch staff. At all of these places, students will need to wear masks (unless they are eating).  
  • The majority of students will be returning to school this year for in-person instruction.  To provide the safest and healthiest possible environment, we will be cleaning throughout the day on high touch surfaces, sanitizing/washing hands when we leave/enter the classrooms, moving out non-essential furniture, and spacing desks to give students more physical distance.
  • We do not have the ability to space desks out to a distance of 6 feet, so to maintain a healthy learning environment, students will need to have a clean cloth face mask worn daily as they exit your vehicle, or the bus to come into school.  We ask that all students who walk have their face mask on before entering school property. 
  • Two cloth face masks will be provided by the school/state for all students. These masks will be distributed in the homework folders on the first day of school.
  • We know that having a cloth facemask on all day will be an adjustment for kids.  We are working on some things that will allow students to be able to take a mask break during the day.  The school district has also purchased a portable AC unit for every classroom in the school to help keep things a little cooler as we begin the year.
  • During recesses, we ask that children take their masks with them and wear them when they are close to their friends. If they are running out in the field, they are okay to take them off.
  • All faculty and staff will be trained on appropriate health and cleaning practices to help ensure that your students have a safe, healthy, and happy school experience.
  • I am asking teachers to wait 3-4 weeks before inviting volunteers.  This will give us time to get into our new routines.
  • To check your student in/out of school, call the office when you arrive at the school and the secretary will check them in or send them out to your vehicle. Please remain in your car. Signatures may be required.


I know right now there are still a lot of questions about how this school year will look. We are still working on some of the fine details and will share more information with you as we get closer to the start of school. 


Thank you all for your support and trust in our school.  We will do everything we can to give your child a safe, healthy and happy experience this school year.  


Warm Regards,

Shellie Healy

Letter from August 1, 2020


School Year 2020-2021

Dear White Pine Elementary Families,


I want to officially welcome all of you to the 2020-21 School Year! For those of you who are new to our school, please know you are coming to an absolutely wonderful place. Our teachers and staff are passionate, caring, hardworking, and always learning something new for the benefit of your children. We are a collaborative and driven group of people who take learning seriously while also making personal connections that help kids succeed. This is my sixth year as the principal at White Pine Elementary after 20 years in the classroom.  I am thrilled at the opportunity to get to know all of you better this year and engage in the educational process together. I am a big believer that strong relationships are a key factor in increasing student achievement. As principal, my door is always open and I welcome your input. I strongly believe that parental involvement is an essential component of student success, as research continues to show a strong correlation between increased involvement and high student success.  


I would like to welcome the following staff to our building:  Laura Peery is our new Resource teacher with Mrs. Ravsten.  Mrs. Peery is excited to work with the 4th, 5th and 6th grade students.  Haley Pearce will teach 3rd grade with Mrs. Rowley, Taylee Crowley will teach 4th grade with Mrs. Canfield, and Mrs. Braegger will teach 5th grade with Mr. Hoffman.  For more about each one of them, visit our “Meet the Teacher” page on our school website.


On July 30, the School Board agreed that all schools will end 45 minutes early.  Our start and end times are listed below.  Also new this year, Monday through Friday will be the same schedule. Back to School Night will look different this year than in years past. Look for emails about this fun and exciting event.  They also agreed that all school personnel and students will be required to wear a mask unless safe distancing of 6 feet is feasible.


I look forward to working with you and your child. Our website is full of great information. Check it out!


In partnership,


Shellie Healy    



Tami Abbott

Secretary and Administrative Assistant  tami.abbott@ccsdut.org

Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00-4:00 

NEW! School Hours


School Starts at 9:05 

School Ends at 2:50 

Kindergarten AM Session 9:05 - 11:45 

Kindergarten PM Session 12:10 - 2:50


Arrival Times

Our school day begins at 9:05 A.M. every day. Please be sure to have your child/children here on time. Students who are consistently tardy are at a clear disadvantage and usually arrive feeling frantic and unprepared. Plus, who wants to miss Principal Healy’s fun morning messages? All students who arrive after 9:05 A.M. must check in at the office. If your child will not be at school due to illness or family emergency, please call and inform the office as soon as possible: 435-258-2344.  

In the interest of safety, please avoid dropping off your children before 8:45 A.M. There is no supervision in the halls or outside.  However, children who are eating breakfast can arrive as early as 8:35 A.M. because they are being supervised by the lunch staff. 


Meal Prices and Menus:

This year, school lunch will cost $1.95.  Breakfast, which is served from 8:35-8:55 A.M., will cost $1.30. Payments must be made with cash or check only, unless you are paying online.  Lunch menus will be emailed monthly and can also be accessed on our school website.  To determine if your child is eligible for free or reduced lunch, please go to https://www.ccsdut.org/Domain/21


School Supplies:

Elementary schools in Utah provide the basic school supplies needed such as paper, pencils, crayons, erasers and glue. Each child at White Pine also receives a sturdy homework folder.  Families are not obligated to purchase anything for the classroom, however, donations are greatly appreciated.  Some items that teachers always have a need for are Kleenex, disinfectant wipes, and fine point, black ink, dry erase markers. Teachers may send or post a wish list of donation items before school starts. (NOTICE: THE ITEMS ON THIS LIST WILL BE USED DURING THE REGULAR SCHOOL DAY. THEY MAY BE BROUGHT FROM HOME ON A VOLUNTARY BASIS, OTHERWISE, THEY WILL BE FURNISHED BY THE SCHOOL.)


Drop off and Pick up:

For drop off/pick up information, please refer to the following map: White Pine Drop Off and Pick Up Map


Bus Schedules:

Bus schedules are available online: CCSD Bus Schedules and Boundaries.  Please be advised that the schedules change during the summer and are not finalized until the week before school starts.   All students riding a bus will be required to wear a mask.


Student Enrollment:

If you are brand new to our school, this site provides all the steps necessary to enroll your child. Cache District Student Enrollment Steps



In order to receive important notifications from the school, you will need to have an updated Powerschool account.  This account will allow you to pay lunch money, see your child’s grades, and verify attendance records.  https://powerschool.ccsdut.org/public/home.html


School Newsletter:

Each month our PTA emails a newsletter telling you what’s happening at White Pine Elementary. If you would prefer paper copies, please let the PTA know.  PTA Newsletters are also available on our school website: PTA Monthly Newsletter


Dates to Remember:

Kindergarten KEEPS Assessments…….  August 17th - 21st by appointment only - Parents will get emails about sign ups in early August.

Kindergarten Class Placements…………  Thursday, August 21st through email

Back to School Night Grades 1-6……... Virtually August 19th 

1st Day of School for Grades 1-6……… Thursday, August 20th  

Kindergarten Back to School Night…... Virtually August 25th

Kindergarten 1st Day………………………... Wednesday, August 26th

No School (Labor Day)...................... Monday, September 7th

Picture Day…………………………………………. (yet to be determined)  

Please refer to our school website regularly for all kinds of helpful information!