Extension of Free Breakfast & Lunch for students

USDA’s Food, Nutrition Service (FNS) and Cache County School District is extending free breakfast and lunch from September 14th, 2020 through the end of December 2020.  

Starting September 14th, 2020, this extension is only available to students enrolled in Cache County Schools whether in classroom or online.  This extension does not include children in preschool or head start.  Kindergarten children may use this extension if it does not interfere with class instruction or bus schedules.  

Parents of online enrolled students will still need to fill out the online breakfast and lunch order form which asks student name and grade, as well as other information.  Information can be found at https://www.ccsdut.org/Page/147. Parents can pick up a lunch or breakfast (breakfast for the next morning) or both at the school their children are enrolled in. Contact your school for pickup times and pick up area.  Online meals will be marked with the child's name on the container.  Online breakfast menu and lunch menus are available at Cache County School District under school meals. Online lunches will be the mainline menu only.  Secondary schools must have their I.D. lunch cards so they can be scanned for the accurate daily count.  

COVID-19 mandates must be followed on school grounds, which include wearing masks, and no wandering on school grounds.  

Lunch money refunds will not be refunded as this extension is only in effect until December 31, 2020. We will still be accepting free and reduced applications during this time.  Please continue to submit these applications.  These help to determine Title One status for schools, and eligibility for grants and summer feeding at qualified schools.  Beginning January 1, 2021, free, reduced, and paid status will go back to what it was from August 20th until September 14th.  If you think you qualify, please fill out here https://www.ccsdut.org/Page/160.


Terrie Mays
Child Nutrition Administrative Secretary
Cache County School District
(435) 752-3925