Safe Drop-Off & Pick Up

Safe Drop-Off & Pick-Up

drop off locations

AFTER SCHOOL: Teachers will walk students to the doors and excuse them in an orderly manner.  Bus students will load buses at the circle drive in front of the building. Parents can pick up students in the north parking lot by the emergency gate.

CAR POOL DROP OFF AND PICK UP AREA:  Students must be dropped off and picked up in the carpool designated areas only and keep speeds under 5 mph.  Remember to pull forward in the pick-up or drop-off area when room allows.  Students are not allowed to run across the parking lot to a waiting vehicle; parents must walk their child across the parking lot.  Never stop on 800 East and call you child to cross where buses are parked or to go across the busy roadway.  This is never safe and is considered Jay-walking.  You could receive at ticket.

CIRCLE DRIVE:  The circle drive is for buses only from 8:45-9:30, 11:45-12:45, and 3:15-3:50.

CROSSWALKS AND CROSSING GUARDS:   Students should leave the building promptly so they can be assisted by the crossing guards.  Students and parents must use crosswalks.  Students are not allowed to go across the circle drive, and must not ever cross 800 East without using the crosswalk.  

BICYCLES:  Students must walk their bicycles on school property, and when crossing the street with the crossing guard.  They can park and lock their bicycles on the racks provided, and should always wear a helmet

ROLLER BLADES: Students are permitted to wear roller blades and skates to school, but they must be removed before coming onto school property, and not put on again until after they are off school property. This helps us ensure that a child does not accidentally roll from a sidewalk into cars pulling in and out of lots and helps to ensure they do not hit into pedestrians.

BUS RULES:  The school bus is an extension of the classroom environment and transportation is a privilege. Students should follow the same expectations of conduct on the bus as is done in the school building, respecting the bus driver and all other passengers.  Appropriate behavior is expected while riding it and waiting to get on or off the bus.  Safety procedures require that students stay seated at all times, keep arms and head inside, use a quiet voice while on the bus, and they should not shout out the window.  They will not leave garbage or vandalize the bus.  Students must follow the directions of the bus driver at all times.  They will lose bus privileges if they fail to follow these rules.