After School Pick-up Procedures


The safety of your children is very important to us.  We have in place procedures for our students, which will keep them from walking through moving traffic.



Front Loading Zone: 


  • Cars in the right lane next to the curb - stop and wait for your children. Please do not park and exit your vehicle. Use the parking lot if you need to enter the building. Pull forward as space opens in front of you.


  • Children are not to leave the curb unless their parents are stopped by the curb directly in front of the school. Children cannot be picked up if you are pulled along the curb in the street.


  • The left lane is a thru lane. Please do not stop while in this lane.


  • Students should hurry to be picked up and not loiter in the halls.


Bike Racks/Bus Loop/Parking Lots


  • The front pickup loop is the only designated pickup area. The parking lots on the east and west sides of the school and the visitor parking lot at the front of the school are for parking only – these parking lots are not designated as a pickup/drop off zone. If you choose to park in a parking lot, instead of using the front pickup loop, you will need to walk to the designated area at the front of the school where your child will be waiting. Students will not be allowed to enter the parking lots without a parent.


  • At no time is it acceptable to park in a handicap accessible stall unless you have proper permits to do so.


  • Under no circumstances should vehicles enter the bus loop on the east side of the school or on the west side of the school by the kindergarten playground. These areas are for bus pickup only and are not a student pickup zone or parking area. Parking in the bus loops is not allowed at any time during the day.


Idle Free Zones


In an effort to help with air quality in Cache Valley, our parking lots are designated as Idle Free Zones. We appreciate any help you can give in this effort.