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Cougar News
Study Tip of the Month:

Our human brains respond really well to structure and routine.

Try these tips for greater ease and success with homework.

  • Have a designated study area that is clean and free of distractions.
  • Do homework at the same time every day.
  • Begin your homework time by cleaning out your backpack so anything the parent needs to see will be found and the student won't have confusing clutter to dig through. 

Cougar Goings-On:

  • Feb. 14th - Class Valentine's Day parties
  • Feb. 17th -  No School
  • Feb. 20th & 21st - No School
  • Feb. 22nd - Sign up for parent teacher conferences online.
  •  Please check the school website for event details

Mr. Johnson's Message:

Millville Families,


What a COLD start to this month it has been. We greatly appreciate your support and flexibility as we had 3 consecutive late starts. I know that can be a challenge and we appreciate your efforts. 


We are still awaiting the closing of 100 South as the Millville Sewer Project makes its way through the community. We will send out text/email notifications when that closure is imminent. Its closing will also close our south parking lot to ALL pick-up/drop-off traffic. Please utilize the east side of the building during the closure. 


On the subject of pick-up/drop-off, there will be some changes to the east zone in the spring, but we can certainly start to prepare now. I would like to see the line of cars to the east continually pulling forward. When cars stop and park, it causes a number of hassles and hazards. I also ask that there be no double parking. And, as posted, there are NO U-TURNS in front of the school at any time. 


Thanks for all you do to support Millville Elementary School!

Cool Cougar Skills:

Greetings Cougar Families.  Here at Millville we are encouraging skill development in a number of areas and would like to invite you to participate at home. This month we are practicing “Stop, Think, Talk, Decide”.

STOP and take a moment to get calm. THINK about what you’d most like the outcome to be. TALK with the other person about what you want and what they want and brainstorm options for meeting all needs. DECIDE on an option you’ll try and if it doesn’t work out well, decide on another course of action.

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