The Grant for Free School Meals Has Ended

Lunches are priced at $2.05 and Breakfasts are $1.40. Milk purchased with a home lunch will be $0.35. Please keep track of your account and keep a positive balance. Reduced price lunches cost $0.40 and breakfasts are $0.30. Please fill out an application for free/reduced lunches after July 1st to qualify for these benefits. Applications must be filled out yearly.

Online Credit Card Payments

If you would like to pay online with a credit card, you can do that through EZSchooPay,

  • Creating your account is easy with the instructions found on this page: Create EZSchoolPay Account
  • EZSchoolPay has an App available for Android and IOS that makes paying and checking balances from your phone very easy.

Free and Reduced Lunch Applications

It is important for us to fill out free and reduced lunch applications because our school receives a lot of extra funding if we qualify based on the number of our students who are eligible for these benefits. 

Applications for free and reduced lunch can be processed in one day’s time when they are filled out online. You can go to www.ccsdut.org, click the departments tab and then choose child nutrition program

You may also go to school and pick up a paper application that you can return to us or send directly to the district for processing. If your children qualified last year, you will need to reapply this year. Please do so as soon as possible. If you have a foster child, you will need to fill out an application for them to receive free lunch. Just check foster child and you do not need to add your income information. All school-aged children in income-eligible households can receive school meal benefits regardless of the immigration status of household members and information provided by the household will not be used for immigration-related purposes. No information regarding free and reduced lunch status will be available to anyone besides the lunch secretary and the parent who applies. Parents who are not listed on the application will have no access to this information.

Lunch Account Balance

The preferences you set in Powerschool (i.e. text, email, phone call) will be your source for keeping up on your child’s lunch balance and you can check their balance in Powerschool at any time. If you do not have a Powerschool parent account, please call Julie at 752-7162 and she will give you the information you need to set up an account. You will be notified when your student has a balance equal to 5 meals so you have a few days to add money to their account before it drops into the negative. Thank you for keeping current on their balance.

We have a district wide policy on delinquent lunch accounts.  We can only allow an account deficit of 5 meals before your child will be given an alternative meal of an uncrustable and milk until their account has a positive balance. That means that the limit for students paying reduced lunch price is $2.00 and the limit for students paying full lunch price is $10.25. Please make a determined effort to keep your balance in the positive.

Rebecca Thalman

Millville Lunch Secretary