A Letter from the Principal

August 2019

Dear Parents,

Believe it or not, a new school year is here! As a school family, we are excited to welcome your children back to Lincoln. We would also like to welcome the new kindergarten students and new students to our school!

There has been some change this year, but not as much as we have seen in the past. In 2nd grade, Mrs. Backus, Mrs. Floyd, and Mrs. Whelan are returning, but Mrs. Powell has decided to stay home full time with her new baby. Mrs. Graham and Mrs. Irons are returning in 3rd grade and will be joined by Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Stock.  Mrs. Davis has been teaching the past ten years in Moab and Mrs. Stock is coming to us from Logan District. Mrs. Murray will be back in the 4th grade with Mr. Floyd. Our 5th grade will pretty much stay the same as last year with Mrs. Griffiths and Mrs. Porter. Our 6th grade team is also staying the same with Mrs. Holmgren, Mrs. Madsen, and Mrs. Frenzel.

There are a few things that we could use parents support in order for our students to be as successful as possible at Lincoln. First and foremost, is daily attendance. Each school day begins at 9:15 for grades 1st through 6th and ends at 3:35 Monday through Thursday and ends at 2:20 on Fridays. Please have your students at school with enough time to be in their seats, ready to learn at 9:15. Please keep appointments at a minimum, talk to the teacher about when the best time for these appointments are, and only take your student out of school for the appointment. It is vital that students are in school in order for them to benefit from the education being taught. Our kindergarten schedule is a bit different than the rest of our grades. Morning kindergarten begins at 9:00 and ends at 12:15 Monday through Thursday and begins at 9:00 and ends at 11:40 on Fridays. Afternoon kindergarten begins at 12:15 and ends at 3:35 Monday through Thursday and begins at 11:40 and ends at 2:20 on Fridays.

Next, please remember the dress code when purchasing school clothes. The dress code changed a bit last year, so please refer to the General Information page found in your Back to School Packet for those changes. Students will need to wear sturdy shoes for both P.E. and recess activities every day.

Thank you for your wonderful support! We have an awesome PTA already organized for this coming year, so please help support them with the many activities they have planned for our students in whatever capacity you can! As we all work together this coming new school year, I am confident that we can make Lincoln Elementary a fun place to learn, and still achieve the highest levels of learning for our students.


Jeni Buist


Lincoln Elementary School