Greenville Bid's Farewell to Three Amazing Educators

Greenville is saying "Goodbye" to three fantastic, amazing educatotrs. They are the type that love to teach and help others learn. They have many years of experience at doing what they love and doing it well.    In light of this being their last year of teaching, we asked Mr. Ashcroft, Mrs. Campbell, and Mrs. Morrison three questions. Here are their responses....
1- What will you do now? i.e. travel, read, garden, etc.
Mr. Ashcroft- "I don’t have much planned, just hiking, working in the garden/yard, spend time with family, and a couple of backpacking trips. This fall when everyone goes to school and I don’t, we are thinking of taking a trip to the San Juan Islands, we thought about the Vancouver area, or Boston and the leaves in the fall in the New England Area. Couple of items on our bucket list."
Mrs. Campbell- "Move to my new home and clean out my Providence home and redecorate my new home in Idaho. Plus, sleep in, have a weedless garden, go on adventures whenever we want to without having to make sub plans and I might even start cooking again. Spend more time with grandkids and try not to be the "teacher grandma". I'd also love to read for pleasure. I think I might have done that some time in a previous life.  Ha Ha."  
Mrs. Morrison- "Well, I definitely plan on catching up on my reading. I've got a stack of books a foot deep I want to read. I'll love being able to work in my yard and have it look good until the snow covers it up, instead of PRAYING the snow will cover it up. Just doing errands, going to the grocery store, shopping, ect., during the DAY will be amazing!"
2. Fondest memories of your time teaching?
Mr. Ashcroft- "My two favorite years, were when we opened Mountain Crest, and when we opened Greenville Elementary School. In both cases there were some challenges and things that weren’t finished. But everyone was so excited. Both at Greenville and at Mountain Crest. Later on those problems made for fond memories.  In some cases those were the things you remember the most. Like the time we had POG tournaments at Greenville that first year because we had no grass or playground equipment for the kids. We played POG instead."
Mrs. Campbell- "I have so many memories of sweet children who say the cutest things, nice parents who were very supportive, actually watching learning happen right before my eyes, all the cute notes I've received over the years, flowers that were picked with short stems on the way to school, and so many more memories. I won't miss checking papers."
Mrs. Morrison- "My fondest memories are just being with the kids and hearing the funny things they say. I also love watching them get excited when they learn something new. I love to see their expressions when I tell them that the thing they have been learning does not change; THEY change. They get smarter.  I also love and adore the wonderful staff at Greenville. They're my family and it's actually painful to think about leaving them. I already have separation anxiety."
3. Parting words of wisdom:
Mr. Ashcroft- "My favorite maxim is “Happiness is a mode of travel, not a station you arrive at” because you will find wherever you are passes really quickly. That you make a mistake wishing for what’s down the road. Because you need to enjoy where you are right now, family, job, friends, because it will pass very quickly."
Mrs. Campbell-"Start each new day [with] a new start.  Don't lose hope that today will be better!"
Mrs. Morrison- "Try not to wish your life away, as in "I can't wait til I retire!"  It will come sooner than you think.  This is the place memories are made; this is your home away from home, with the people you love as much as family.  In fact they ARE family.  So, love it while you live it, because these MAY BE the best years of your life!"
In the words of Nikos Kazantzakis, “True teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create their own.”
We will miss them greatly, but wish them well on their new adventures!
In the words of Jim Henson, “[Kids] don't remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.”  Greenville will remember the three of you and what you are and gave to all of us.