Greenville's Nature Garden

We are creating a Nature Garden to encourage exploration and creativity, specifically with our Kindergarten and preschool classes. We are looking for donations (brick & wood) and service to help build our garden. We are needing a lot of bricks, whatever anyone is willing to donate. Also, we are needing a log, 6 to 12 foot long, cut in half to be able to have the kids sit and walk on. If you would like to donate to our garden, please e-mail Cole at or call at 435-557-9203.  We would like to get the items by May 8th to be able to start on the project before school is out for summer.


BRICK   Brick, Retaining   Preferred, but we would gladly take whatever you are willing to donate.


LOG; 6-12 foot length, cut in half    Garden with log border

Wooden Disks for stepping stones, various sizes    wooden stepping stone path