Reading Counts

Reading Counts Program


The purpose of Birch Creek Elementary Reading Incentive Program is to encourage students to read for pleasure as well as for school work, and to increase his/her reading comprehension. The program consists of students reading a book or having a book read to him/her and then taking a quiz through the Scholastic Reading Counts program. While the program is voluntary, we hope that most students will choose to participate.

Basic Rules:

We have high expectaions for the students at Birch Creek Elementary. If your student chooses to participate in the reading program, he/she will be expected to:

  1. Take Scholastic Reading Counts quizzes for him/herself.
  2. Opportunities to take quizzes are before school, during library checkout time, when classroom teachers allow, and at home. SAM-RC
  3. Read the quiz for him/herself whenever possible.
  4. Answer questions without prompting.
  5. Quizzes may be taken up to three times if students are not able to pass with a 70% or higher.
  6. If you need your password please contact your teacher, they will have access to it in PowerSchool.


  1. Golden Ticket: A treat will be provided.
  2. Prize Bucket
  3. Rock the Halls
  4. Picnic with the Teacher (will occur at the end of the school year).
  5. Party with the Principal (will occur at the end of the school year).
  6. Prizes will reset on July 1st of each year.

Grand Prize:

At the end of each school year we will pick out rop readers in each grade and have a Grand prize for them. 

Who know what it could be this year??

Let's get excited about reading!!!


Reading Counts Points/Prizes and Award Schedule