Celebrate the Right to Vote 1920/2020 Writing Competition

Writing Competition


2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote nationwide and the 150th anniversary of the first woman to cast a vote in Utah in 1870. These rights were not granted without much struggle and hard work on the part of many individuals. To help commemorate this momentous year, the Cache County School District, in partnership with the Cache Celebration of Women's Suffrage 2020 to sponsor a writing contest for our students in elementary (4th-6th), middle and high school.  Please take a few moments and watch the video to learn about the contest and then, if you are willing, share with us your essay!


Watch this video first, then respond to the writing prompt below.

Women's Suffrage Video


Writing Prompt

In no more than 800 words, share with us something the pictures in the video made you feel, imagine, or learn more about! Maybe you want to share with us a cause you think is worth “stumping” for!  The page is your canvas. Be creative.  

*While the number of words may not exceed 800, we fully expect students will use fewer words based on their grade level. The number of words is not important, but the quality of the essay is important.


Essay Awards

  1. Winners will have their essays: 
    • Announced on Utah Public Radio
    • Published in the Herald Journal
  2. They will be recognized at a special awards ceremony on Friday, May 15th
  3. Winners will receive a cash award in the amount of:
    • $200 for elementary school
    • $300 for middle school
    • $500 for high school



  1. Essays should be no more than 800 words.
  2. Readers will use the rubric (linked below) to score the essay.
  3. All submissions must be received by midnight on March 31st.
  4. Students must use their district email to log in and submit the form.  This allows readers to read the essays anonymously but identify them later if they are selected for a winning essay.  


Submit your essays here: CCSD 2020 Essay Submission Link


Essays will be graded on the following criteria: CCSD 2020 Essay Grading Rubric