Adult Education program graduation ceremony highlights the achievements of its remarkable students


Adult Education graduation ceremony    Adult Education graduation ceremony

Adult Education graduatte     Adult Education graduation ceremony


Congratulations to the graduates! Students in the Adult Education program walked the stage on June 20th to receive their diplomas at a graduation ceremony held in their honor. The program helps students of all ages, whose high school graduating class has already graduated, to return and earn their diploma or GED. It also supports students who are at risk of not having enough credits to graduate by the end of their senior year.


This year’s graduates are a diverse group of students ranging from 16-50 years old. Most students are adults who did not obtain their high school diploma and are looking for a second opportunity to fulfill their high school credits, while others left the K-12 program for varying reasons such as attendance issues, health issues, or other personal or family circumstances, and are looking for an alternative to the traditional high school experience.


Niki Johnson, the coordinator of the Adult Education program, described the program as an undiscovered gem for those who seek to further their education. “This is a wonderful program, and amazing things happen in our classroom every day,” Johnson commented. “It's an honor to work with these students and help them overcome challenges that have held them back from earning their high school diploma or GED.


The Adult Education program is held at Cache High School, and classes are open entry and open exit. Registration for classes includes a one-time fee of $50, with high school credit available in all classes, counting towards an adult high school diploma. Click here for more information on the Adult Education program.