Wellsville Mile inspires elementary students to foster healthy habits and run toward resilience

Runners in the Wellsville Mile
Photo Credit: Eli Lucero/Herald Journal


This year's Wellsville mile showcased over 650 students from nine elementary schools and celebrated roughly 40 years of tradition. On May 21st, Wellsville City Park overflowed with enthusiasm as hundreds of students, teachers, and parents cheered on, reaffirming the incredible capabilities of Cache Valley's children. 


The event featured fifth graders from Canyon, Heritage, Lincoln, Millville, Mountainside, Nibley, Providence, River Heights, and Wellsville Elementary Schools. Students competed in three heats, separated by boys and girls, with their times recorded by an electronic clock at the finish line. 


Mack Smith from River Heights Elementary clocked the fastest time of the race, completing the mile in just five minutes and 58 seconds. Avery Hawkins from Providence Elementary was the fastest girl of the day, finishing in six minutes and 21 seconds.


Teressa Breinholt, a fifth-grade teacher at Wellsville Elementary, is one of the main organizers of this event every year. “Students learn that they enjoy it. A lot of the runners at the high schools ran the mile, so it's kind of like the starting point for when they go to high school,” said Breinholt. Over the past few months, the students have been preparing for this mile in physical education classes. They began by walking, gradually progressing to a quarter mile, then a half mile, and finally, the full mile.


Medals were presented to the top 5 finishers in the girls' and boys' divisions to honor their accomplishments. In addition, a student from each school was recognized for their exceptional sportsmanship by receiving the Spirit Award. Breinholt stated, "Spirit Award recipients exhibit confidence in training, supporting others, and consistently encouraging their peers."


Runners in the Wellsville Mile     Runners in the Wellsville Mile    Runners in the Wellsville Mile


Wellsville Elementary School Principal, Glen Harris, said this event owes its success to the dedication of its volunteers, organizers, and resilient students. Cross-country runners from Ridgeline High School and Mountain Crest High School joined the elementary runners, while the Cache County Sheriff’s Office ensured road safety. Numerous volunteers and teachers worked together to make this event possible. 


From the excitement of crossing the finish line to the lessons in perseverance and sportsmanship, the Wellsville Mile emphasizes healthy habits and the belief that everyone can overcome challenges. Congratulations to all who participated!