Middle school drone club students battle it out in the skies during “drone soccer” tournament


Students play with drones    Students play soccer with drones

A student uses a drone    Students work with drones


Middle school students are using their skills as drone pilots to battle it out in the skies. Students from North Cache, Spring Creek, and South Cache Middle Schools competed in a “drone soccer” tournament on May 14th. Drone soccer is a sport that involves piloting drones through hoops as other drones play defense.


Students in the tournament participate in their school’s drone club, which helps students learn how to build and pilot their own drones. Over the school year, students in the club followed a kit and assembled their drones using tools provided to them from the kit. Kerri Roberts, who oversees the drone club at South Cache Middle School, explained that the benefits of the club reach beyond just drone piloting skills. “Drone club is an opportunity for kids to come together and practice and develop a talent that I think a lot of people don't have,” Roberts commented. “And I think it provides an opportunity for students to meet each other, for more kids to make new friends and try something new.”


One of the students who participated in the tournament, Gage, encouraged students who are considering joining the club to give it a try. “I would say it's worth it to join because it's probably good now because there's a lot of jobs out there that use drones,” Gage explained. “It's good to get thinking, and it's good to socialize with other kids. Yeah, also, it's fun.”


Middle school students interested in joining or who want to learn more about the drone club should talk to their school counselor to learn more.