Mountainside Elementary's Brittny Amott helps her students become lifelong learners by nurturing a growth mindset


Brittny Amott


Elementary school is an important part of a student’s education, where they learn foundational skills that set them on a path to success for the rest of their lives. Mountainside Elementary’s 2023-24 Teacher of the Year Brittny Amott helps her second-grade students develop these skills by encouraging them to have a growth mindset and instilling a love for reading and learning in them.


Amott comes from a long line of teachers. Her mom, aunt, and even some of her in-laws are all teachers. “I grew up around teachers,” Amott commented. “I spent summers stapling packets and sharpening pencils for my mom.” Amott earned a bachelor's degree in elementary education from Utah State University and a master’s degree in learning and technology from Western Governors University. She also earned Math, STEM, and Math Specialist endorsements.


Brittny Amott and student     Brittny Amott and student     Brittny Amott and student


One of Amott’s favorite parts of teaching is helping students develop a love for reading, which she believes is essential for students to grow in their learning abilities. “My favorite favorite thing is teaching kids to learn to read,” Amott explained. “There's a spark in their eye when they've found that they are confident in their reading, and I love that moment. My goal is when they're in my class they feel comfortable with reading, grow in their reading abilities, and learn to love reading.”


To help students believe in their abilities, Amott ensures that students feel comfortable and know that she’s on their side. “I strive that everyone can come to my classroom and feel loved and know they can grow and do hard things,” Amott added. “In class, we make sure that we don't say things like, ‘I can't do it.’ We use a growth mindset of saying things like ‘we can do hard things’ and ‘we can't do it yet.’ I make sure that they leave my classroom with a love for books, that they become little mathematicians who know that they can do hard things, and we try to do fun things along the way.”


Beyond helping her students develop this mindset, Amott strives to stay on top of her game as an educator and incorporate new experiences and tools in her classroom to give her students the best education possible. “Every year, I try to find something new to continue my experience as an educator and incorporate into the classroom,” Amott commented. “As I've been in education, things keep changing, and the kids and their needs change. It's not a field where you can stay stagnant.” 


Amott said that seeing the growth in her students is one of the most rewarding parts of the job of being a teacher. “Every student I've had, I have seen so much growth,” Amott noted. “I've seen some amazing things happen, and I am so proud of how much they've grown. We're close to the end of the school year, and I'm starting to see these little second-graders turn into third-graders. It's so amazing to see how much can happen in one year!”


Mountainside Elementary Principal Cam Amott said that Amott is an invaluable part of the staff at the school, for students and staff members alike. “Brittny works hard to build relationships with students and parents to develop an educational team that has a shared vision of how to best serve each student in her class,” Principal Amott explained. “She is a wonderful colleague who shares her expertise and materials to support her fellow teachers and help them find more success in their classrooms. Mountainside is lucky to have Brittny Amott as a part of our team.”


Principal Cam Amott with Brittny Amott and board member Brian Chambers
Principal Cam Amott with Brittny Amott and board member Brian Chambers