Congratulations to Mountain Crest's Teacher of the Year, Stacie Hofmeister!


Stacie Hofmeister


Stacie Hofmeister, Mountain Crest High School’s 2023-24 Teacher of the Year, teaches with a philosophy of treating others with kindness in a world where people are constantly judged and evaluated. Recognizing the potential traumas and the diverse experiences they may carry and bring into the classroom, she leads with empathy and strives to create a positive bond with each of her students.


After graduating from Utah State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in social work, Hofmeister decided to return to school and pursue special education. She continues to pursue further education actively and has taken many courses at Salt Lake Community College and beyond that focus on self-improvement, such as student motivation.


Hofmeister has 21 years of teaching experience, having spent her first year in the Weber County School District and the remaining 20 years at Mountain Crest High School, where she specializes in 11th- and 12th-grade English. In addition to teaching English, Hofmeister has taken on various roles across different school subjects, including mathematics, environmental science, biology, co-teaching, and transition courses.


Having teenagers of her own, Hofmeister believes in the importance of empathy and understanding students, particularly when addressing the challenges of social media and screen time. “Students watch the internet and develop expectations on how they’re supposed to be, and it’s out of hand,” Hofmeister explained. “I try to combat the negatives by building relationships with each one of my students and having conversations about mental health.”


With a foundation in social work and over 20 years of teaching high school students, Hofmeister possesses a keen ability to discern when a student is facing challenges or experiencing triumphs. “We all have traumas, and throughout my career, I have learned to create bonds with boundaries with each one of my students because you never know what they are going through,” Hofmeister said. 


Stacie Hofmeister and students    Stacie Hofmeister and student    

Stacie Hofmeister and students


Hofmeister genuinely wants the best for all of her students and appreciates watching students learn from each other and develop grandiose ideas. “I love teenagers; they are my jam! They’re funny and always changing. They’re both predictable and wild at the same time, and it keeps me on my toes,” Hofmeister said, smiling. “It’s never boring. This is the reason I’m here.”


Mountain Crest Principal Denise Mouritsen describes Hofmeister as an incredible teacher who helps her students in any way she can. “Stacie devotes her impressive resources of time, effort, and experience to helping her students overcome challenges,” Mouritsen commented. “Students know that she is an advocate that can give them the understanding and guidance they need to succeed.”


Principal Denise Mouritsen, Stacie Hofmeister, and board member Brian Chambers
Principal Denise Mouritsen, Stacie Hofmeister, and board member Brian Chambers