Wellsville Elementary's magical production of Peter Pan Jr. transports its audience to Neverland


Students perform in Peter Pan, Jr.


A sprinkling of pixie dust brought the musical Peter Pan Jr. to Wellsville Elementary School last weekend. The show, which is based on the original Broadway production, was performed by a talented cast of students on Friday, March 1, and Saturday, March 2, 2024. 


The cast consisted of about 85 students from first through sixth grade. To join the cast, students participated in singing and spoken auditions. Every child who wanted to participate was invited to be part of the show. Students practiced after school several days a week for about two months in preparation for the performance.


“Putting on a show takes a lot of work,” music director Valerie Plowman said. “I hope [students] learn that they can do hard things. When they face something that takes time and effort, they know that time and effort pay off.”


Students perform in Peter Pan Jr.    Students perform in Peter Pan Jr.    Students perform in Peter Pan Jr.    Students perform in Peter Pan Jr.    Students perform in Peter Pan Jr.    Students perform in Peter Pan Jr.    

Parent volunteers supported students in their performance of Peter Pan Jr.


Volunteers, including PTO parents, teachers, and former students, were crucial in ensuring the smooth operation of an elaborate production. They handled tasks such as lights, microphones, costumes, and the set. Working alongside students, they dedicated hours to making the show a success. Nancy Etherington, one of the parents helping backstage, highlighted the importance of volunteering and supporting the children involved. “We want to encourage the kids so they feel a sense of accomplishment when they are done,” she said.


Students' enthusiasm and passion for performing were visible throughout the show. “I love learning how to act,” fifth-grade student Rider Norton commented. “I would love to be an actor when I grow up because it is fun!”


Opportunities to participate in theatre performances are available at many schools throughout the District. We applaud our talented students for their efforts and creativity and are grateful to the staff and parent volunteers who make these performances possible!