Greenville Elementary transformed into a magical “Toyland” to help promote reading and parent-child connections


Students in front of GRAB decorations     Teachers in front of GRAB decorations


Now through March 8th, Greenville Elementary students, their families, and school staff are celebrating the joy of reading and toys during “Greenville Reads a Book” (GRAB) Week.  To help immerse students in the event, the PTA and parent volunteers transformed the school into a magical toy box world for students. One hallway is decorated like Candyland, another like Monopoly, and another is full of larger-than-life Legos. 


Students in front of GRAB decorations    Students in front of GRAB decorations


Greenville Elementary’s GRAB Week is their version of Literacy Night, an event held by each of Cache County School District’s elementary schools to help promote literacy and encourage reading amongst students. According to Adams, the primary goal of Literacy Nights across the district is to help families bond and connect while reading. “It's an opportunity for parents and students to engage together in reading a book and discussing it as a family— to just take some time to enjoy the experience of being together while reading,” she said.


This year, Greenville is focusing on the book Toys! Amazing Stories Behind Some Great Inventions! by author Don Wulffson, an informational text about the history and use of toys. Principal Stephanie Adams says the intention behind using this book is to encourage children and parents to make connections in a number of ways. 


“It’s giving opportunities for families to connect over books,” Adams explained. “And in this case, over games, too. Stories are amazing, and they stay with you forever. Most people remember their parents reading to them when they were little. We're hoping that we'll create more memories around games and toys this year, too. We’re hoping to encourage parents to not just read with their kids, but to play and pull out some of those games that they loved when they were kids. ” 


During GRAB Week, Greenville students can answer questions on a daily quiz and be entered into drawings for prizes, which helps bolster student morale and encourage them to stay on track. “They’re just excited about reading,” Adams commented. “The teachers support it in their class by discussing the book with their kids and doing the quiz questions to help create some energy around it.” 


The driving force behind Greenville Elementary’s GRAB event and decorations is the PTA, along with several other parent volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to creating a magical experience for students. “The parents in the PTA are everything during GRAB week,” Adams gratefully acknowledged. “They donate all of their time to put this together every year. It is a 100% parent-driven effort. We have some of the most amazing parents you could hope to have anywhere in Cache County.”