Ridgeline HS teacher recognized as an Exemplary Secondary Math Teacher

Laura Peterson and Lindsey Henderson
Laura Peterson and USBE Math Specialist Lindsey Henderson
Congratulations to Laura Peterson from Ridgeline High School! She was recognized as an Exemplary Secondary Math Teacher by the Utah State Board of Education. According to Heidi Hall, CCSD Secondary Math specialist, Peterson is "a lifelong learner always looking for ways to improve her teaching." Hall continued, "[Laura] is a veteran teacher who is a pro at the classes she teaches and could coast at this point and do what she has always done, but instead, she is always reading new books and trying new concepts, even in her AP classes. She goes to every conference she can and makes time to observe other teachers in her school. When you walk into Laura’s classroom, students are engaged in learning in a way that isn’t seen often. Laura puts the workload on the students and has students discuss and guide each other through their learning. Laura is just awesome!"