Congratulations to Canyon Elementary School's Teacher of the Year, Kris Smith!


Kris Smith



Kris Smith, Canyon Elementary School's 2022-23 Teacher of the Year, is loved by students, teachers, and staff for her dedication, kindness, friendship, and fun sense of humor. Giving her whole heart and soul to her First Grade students, Smith is known for going above and beyond to make sure that her students are learning and being successful.


According to Principal Leslie Burt, Smith is the kind of teacher who shows up 100% for her kids every day. Smith has a gift for setting high expectations for her students and doing everything she can to help them succeed, all while cheering them on and building their confidence in themselves.


“Kris has shown great leadership both with students and colleagues. She is a hardworking team player who pours her heart into teaching. She loves the kids and her kids love her. She goes above and beyond, and more importantly, she loves her students,” Burt expressed. “She is so dedicated - she’s there late. I’m there late, but she is always at the school later. She works so hard to make sure she gives her students a quality education.”