2022-23 School Administration Changes Around the District

Leslie BurtLeslie Burt is excited to be the new principal at Canyon Elementary School. After spending almost 30 years as an educator, she has worked in 11 different CCSD schools as either a teacher, literacy facilitator, or administrator. Most recently, Burt served as the principal at Lewiston Elementary School for six years. With her own children grown and married, she loves spending time with students at school and can’t wait to work with the incredible staff at Canyon Elementary.




Stephanie AdamsStephanie Adams is the new principal at Greenville Elementary School. After graduating from USU with a degree in Elementary Education, Adams spent her first year teaching at Corinne Elementary School. She then came to CCSD and taught at both Summit and Birch Creek Elementary Schools. Most recently, she spent four years as the assistant principal at North Cache Middle School and the last five years as principal of River Heights Elementary School. She is excited to join the Greenville community and create a great school experience.



Troy PugmireTroy Pugmire is the new principal at Lewiston Elementary School. Originally from St. Charles, Idaho, Pugmire has worked as a third-grade teacher for seven years, a fifth-grade teacher for eight years, and a principal for five years. Pugmire is excited to work with the Lewiston staff. He takes children's education very seriously and encourages continuous searching for the best teaching practices.




Cindy KingCindy King is joining Nibley Elementary School as the new principal. She worked in the school district for 25 years as a paraprofessional, secretary, and classroom teacher. Most recently, she was an assistant principal at Heritage Elementary School. King is passionate about helping students reach their full potential and build a strong foundation for future accomplishments. She is excited to work with students, parents, and staff to provide a kind, welcoming, learning environment at Nibley Elementary.



Stacie WilliamsonStacie Williamson is returning to her childhood school as the new principal at River Heights Elementary School. Growing up, she attended River Heights Elementary, Spring Creek Elementary, South Cache Middle School, and graduated from Mountain Crest High School. She is excited to come back to serve the families and children of River Heights. Williamson’s philosophy for student achievement is simple- she believes it is all about teamwork. She strives to encourage students, teachers, and parents to come together to address the needs of each child, from both the academic and personal growth side, resulting in amazing things.



Shellie HealyShellie Healy is the new principal of Sunrise Elementary School. She has spent 20 years teaching, including teaching 1st grade at Sunrise early in her career. Healy spent seven years serving as an elementary school principal in Richmond. She is excited to ensure that children are safe and feel loved at school. She strives to inspire students and staff with her positivity, passion for learning, and strong work ethic.




Derek BeerDerek Beer is the new principal at White Pine Elementary School. He has worked in the field of education for 19 years. Beer was a sixth-grade teacher for seven years in Davis School District, an assistant principal for a few years, and a principal for three years before moving to CCSD. He has spent the last five years as the principal at Sunrise Elementary. Beer’s favorite part of the job is the students. He loves taking every opportunity he can to interact with students and strives to make each interaction positive. Everything he does is based on his students’ best interests.



Cindy ParkinsonCindy Parkinson is launching her 30th year as an educator, as the new principal of North Cache Middle School. She was a classroom teacher at Sky View High School for 25 years until she became the North Cache assistant principal, where she served for the past four years. She strives to come to work every day with purpose and a smile because she wants to make a difference and improve the lives of others, leaving her community and world better than she found. 




Dee DownsDee Downs is the new assistant principal at North Cache Middle School. Before becoming an administrator, Downs taught Utah History and Physical Education at Mount Logan Middle School for two years and Physical Education and Educational Skills for six years at Spring Creek Middle School. Before becoming an educator, Downs worked in the construction industry and volunteered as an EMT and firefighter with the Smithfield Fire Department. He is excited to help the students and staff at North Cache learn to persevere through challenges, care for each other, and “be the differeNCe”.



Ryan WebbRyan Webb is the new assistant principal of Spring Creek Middle School. Part of the district for 17 years, Webb has taught Spanish and English to 8th-, 9th-, and 10th-grade students at North Cache 8-9 Center, Sky View High School, and Green Canyon High School. Webb comes from an educator family- his wife is a third-grade teacher, and all his children have attended CCSD schools. His daughter is completing her student-teaching experience in the fall, and he has extended family throughout the state who work as teachers and administrators. He is excited about working at Spring Creek and can’t think of anything more fulfilling professionally than interacting and working with students as they navigate their way through their educational experience.



John AndersonJohn Anderson is the new principal at Green Canyon High School. Anderson has been a teacher and instructor since he was 13 years old. His life has revolved around education as a swim teacher, ski instructor, and coach. He has also been a teacher in middle and high schools, a post-high school instructor, and a school administrator in elementary, middle, and now high school. He is passionate about building things and seeing potential in things, people, and situations. He strives to support and turn potential into greatness. Anderson believes students have incredible potential, and he works hard to see, support, and create excellent outcomes. 



Philip MorrisPhilip Morris is the new assistant principal at Green Canyon High School. After working in the software industry, construction, and starting a business, Morris came back to education in 2005. He taught Spanish and PE for nine years at Marsh Valley High School in Arimo, Idaho. He also coached football, volleyball, and track. He then served as assistant principal at Kearns High School for three years and at Sky View High School for the last five years. He is very excited to be joining Green Canyon and becoming a Wolf!



Shane JonesShane Jones is returning to Sky View High School as the new principal. Jones spent 19 years at Sky View as a counselor, teacher, coach, athletic director, and assistant principal. Recently, he spent the past five years at Green Canyon High School. He also serves as the President-elect of the Utah Association of Secondary School Principals. He has great memories of Sky View and hopes students will also make those memories. Jones is committed to having high expectations and helping each student and staff member become the best possible version of themselves. He strives always to have his door open and be there for his students.



Amanie CrosbieAmanie Crosbie is the new assistant principal at Sky View High School. Crosbie began her educational journey at South Cache Freshman Center in 1996. Since then, she has worked as a teacher and coach at Sky View High School and Mountain Crest High School. She started her administration career at Spring Creek Middle School and will now return to Sky View as assistant principal. She is excited to be back at Sky View, working with this team to create successful, educational, growing experiences for the students and staff.