Thanks to a student-led group, Cedar Ridge Elementary has fifteen new trees


Students at Cedar Ridge Elementary will be enjoying the shade of fifteen more trees, thanks to the efforts of its “Save the Trees, Save the World” student group. The group assembled in response to the loss of a handful of mature trees around the school and schoolyard last fall due to an intense windstorm. With the support and assistance of the school PTA, the group raised money through a fundraiser at Cedar Ridge’s Fall Carnival and also gathered donations from their community. TreeUtah, a Salt Lake City-based non-profit, heard about the project and not only approved a grant to match the amount raised by students, but augmented the amount which was given to accommodate the full tree request.


A volunteer from TreeUtah teaches students about trees     Students work to plant trees    

Members of the Save the Trees, Save the World student club at Cedar Ridge Elementary     A Cedar Ridge student and her mother help to plant a new tree     Volunteers from TreeUtah


On Thursday, May 5th, two volunteers from TreeUtah helped Cedar Ridge students to prepare and plant the new trees. They took time to teach the children about tree anatomy and its functions, as well as proper care, hydration, and nutrition. After learning about the trees, students were given an opportunity to break up the tree roots prior to planting and then shovel dirt to close the hole around the newly-planted trees. Among the new trees planted at Cedar Ridge were two Urban Sunset Maple trees, five Mugo Pines, two Junipers, one Miniature Willow, and five Siouxland Poplars.


Below is a fun press release about this project, which was written by sixth-grade student Theo Kohler. Theo and his friend, Samuel Reuch, who is quoted in the article, were leading forces of the “Save the Trees, Save the World” student group.


We look forward to seeing these new trees grow and provide beauty and shade at Cedar Ridge Elementary. Many thanks to the “Save the Trees, Save the World” student group for their initiative with this project, and to TreeUtah, the Cedar Ridge PTA, the school board, the city of Hyde Park, and all those in the community who supported or contributed to the project!


Press Release