Millville Teacher of the Year, Brittany Wall, reminds her fifth-grade students they are always capable of achieving success


Brittany Wall


When Brittany Wall was a student in elementary school, you could often find her staying late to help teachers clean their chalkboards and erasers. She constantly played school with her brothers because school was her favorite place to be. She loved her teachers and wanted to emulate the example they were to her, when she grew up. She was deeply impacted by a high school teacher who went above and beyond to make sure she was successful during some of her most challenging times. These life experiences shaped the teacher she has now become and she has been chosen to be Millville Elementary’s Teacher of the Year!


As a teacher, Wall strives to see the potential of her students and works tirelessly to help them see it. “Every student is capable of learning,” she explained. “They just need someone to help them understand and find that part of themselves.” She also focuses on helping her students to feel confident in their abilities to take on challenges and solve problems with a growth mindset. 


Brittany Wall with students


Along with problem-solving, Wall believes that it is incredibly important for students to take responsibility for their learning. Fifth and sixth grade is the age where many things change and evolve. Students start to learn how to rely less on their parents or guardians when it comes to homework and turning assignments in on time. Wall emphasizes the importance of staying organized and doing small things every day, such as writing in a planner, to help them take charge of their education. 


Principal Brady Johnson appreciates that Wall is eager to help in any situation, whether it is volunteering, mentoring USU practicum students, or just helping out her colleagues. “She is full of great ideas and works tirelessly to implement those ideas to the betterment of staff and students alike,” Johnson said. “Her students love and trust her. She has created a culture in her classroom of acceptance and respect. Students feel comfortable to try new things and reach for the high expectations set for them by Mrs. Wall.” 


Brittany Wall and class


Brittany Wall with Principal Brady Johnson and board member Roger Pulsipher
Brittany Wall (with Principal Brady Johnson and board member Roger Pulsipher)
was honored at the March 17, 2020 board meeting.