South Cache Teacher of the Year Andrea Talbot: Creating a classroom of solace, structure, and fun

Andrea Talbot and students


Congratulations to Andrea Talbot for being named South Cache Middle School's 2021-22 Teacher of the Year! Talbot’s goal is to make her classroom a place where students can come and take an hour to reprieve from a difficult or stressful day. She knows that middle school can be challenging for students as they are transitioning from elementary school. “If I can bring students a moment of solace and some grounding to help them feel comfortable...then that’s a win for me,” Talbot explained. Every day, she strives to be the middle school teacher she would have liked to have.


Walking into her classroom, students know exactly what to expect. Talbot works hard to create a place of structure where there aren’t too many loops thrown their way; students know what will be happening every day—if they will have a test or homework due and what is expected of them. Talbot’s students understand and respect the boundaries she sets in her classroom. 


Even though learning should be taken seriously, Talbot also believes that a sense of humor can go a long way in creating an engaging educational environment. Her mantra is, “If I’m not having fun in my classroom, they’re not having fun in my classroom.” She makes sure to have fun and joke with students occasionally. 


Before coming to Cache Valley, Talbot spent most of her life in Idaho. She attended college at Utah State University, where she eventually met her husband. Once they married, the couple moved back to Idaho. Talbot treasures her family and the time she can spend with them. She found her way into teaching middle school when a position opened up in the middle school her kids were attending. Talbot is now entering her eighth year of teaching and her third year at South Cache as a 7th grade English Language Arts teacher. 


South Cache principal Randy Bennion met with Talbot when she first moved to Cache Valley and knew she would be a fabulous addition to the district. Bennion describes Talbot as down-to-earth, humorous, dedicated, a master teacher, and a leader at South Cache. “She is amazing,” Bennion explained. “We are so lucky to have her!” 


South Cache Principal Randy Bennion, Teacher of the Year Andrea Talbot, and board member Larry Jeppesen
Talbot (shown here with South Cache Principal Randy Bennion and board member Larry Jeppesen)
was honored at the November 18th CCSD Board Meeting.