CCSD schools go above and beyond for the local food pantry

Sky View Food Drive  Sky View Food Drive
Students at Sky View High School participate in its annual Food Drive


Every year, schools in Cache County School District participate in a local food drive to help give back to the community. Students and employees bring cans, water, and other food items to their respective schools to donate to the Cache Community Food Pantry. 


At Sky View High School, for example, students combined the spirit of giving with school spirit as classes competed against each other to see who could donate the most. Each class (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) was challenged to bring 1,500 items. If a class hit its goal, the Student Body Officers over that grade would have to buy the entire class ice cream. If the overall school goal of 6,000 items was met, the SBO President agreed to shave his head and the rest of the SBO presidency would dye their hair crazy colors, to thank the students at Sky View for contributing to a good cause. 


Incredibly, the goal of 6,000 items was met and doubled--with a total of 12,064 food items collected in one week! “This year, it started quicker than ever. The Freshmen had cans before we even started,” Matt Sadler, Sky View’s Student Body advisor, explained. “I’ve done this for 18 years, and they always come through. This might be the all-time record.” 


Similar food drives have taken place in elementary and secondary schools across the district. Superintendent Norton, who serves on the Cache Community Food Pantry board, recognized the need for food donations during this holiday season. “This year, our schools and the school district office accepted the challenge to meet the demand for food during the holiday season,” Superintendent Norton explained. “It brings great joy and happiness to me and everyone who participates in the food drive.” 


Many thanks to all the students and employees who went above and beyond in contributing to the school food drives this year! If you would like to donate to the food pantry, please drop donations off at the Cache Community Food Pantry, located at 359 South Main Street in Logan. Here are some of the items which are in greater demand and which have been requested by the Cache Community Food Pantry:

-Canned vegetables
-Brown/white/powdered sugar
-Canned olives and cranberry sauce


Spring Creek students with food drive donations
Spring Creek Middle School students gathered 3,115 cans for their school's food drive.