Adult Education program coordinator Niki Johnson inspires others to achieve their goals

Niki Johnson


Congratulations to Niki Johnson for winning the Adult Education Association of Utah’s Outstanding Leader of the Year award! Johnson, who has been working as the Adult Education program coordinator at Cache High for two years, started her time in the program with the theme “What is your WHY?” This theme encourages students to look at their goals for the future and believe in themselves. Cache High’s principal, Sheri Hansen, observed that the theme stuck with students and gave them the drive to reach their goals because they understood why they wanted to graduate. 


Hansen described Johnson as an educator who is creative, kind, and effective with her students. “Niki is a good role model and gives her students hope. Her positive outlook and clear direction are contagious,” Hansen observed. “We hit the jackpot when we found her! Anyone needing help in the program will find success working with Niki.”


Johnson saw an increase in popularity within the Adult Education program after the pandemic hit. She explained that there has been an increase of younger students who couldn’t receive a degree because of the uncertainty of COVID-19. The program gives those students another chance to complete graduation requirements and achieve their goals. 


For Johnson, the most rewarding part of her job is seeing students attain goals that they've wanted to accomplish for years. During her time working in adult education, she has heard multiple parents express the hope that their children will learn the value and importance of an education because they never had the opportunity to get their own. 


The Adult Education program, which is housed at Cache High, is available to anyone in Cache Valley who did not have the opportunity to graduate from high school. General Educational Development (GED) classes are offered in both English and Spanish. High school credit is available in all classes and counts toward an Adult High School Diploma. The program focuses on providing equal opportunities and sees all ages from various backgrounds. Anyone who is seeking to finish their education is encouraged to come and enroll in classes. 


When the new Cache High building was built in 2018, a separate entrance and classroom were designated for adult education in order to accommodate the adult students’ schedules. “The goal is to get people in the classroom as much as possible,” Johnson explained. Offering classes that fit a variety of schedules is a priority for the teachers who work in the department. Every day, there are teachers available to help students receive one-on-one help at a time that best suits their needs. 


For more information about the Adult Education program, please visit or call 435-792-7749.