It's Teacher Appreciation Week!

Cache County School District is full of amazing educators. In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we asked elementary school students one simple question - What do you love most about your teacher? Here are their responses:


“She is nice and she makes me feel happy.” Haisley, kindergarten


“She is so funny. I like her funny voices.” Cody, kindergarten


“She helps me with reading.” Taylor, first grade


“She gives us snacks.” Titan, first grade


“She is nice and throws us parties.” Noah, first grade


“She is really good at teaching. She makes it not really complicated.” Shaylee, first grade


“She’s careful. She cares for us and helps us when we get hurt.” Ruby, first grade


“She lets us go out to recess every day!” Logan, first grade


“She always looks out for us.” Cindy Lou, first grade


“She lets us do math and math is the best thing in the world. Right now, we are learning about shapes.” Zach, first grade


“We had a party one day and we made 100 frogs and we counted them by fives. It was a fun party.” Yasmin, second grade


“She helps us figure out our problems.” Taylor, second grade 


“She is funny and sometimes when we play soccer she will play with us” Taygan, fourth grade


“She is always helping us and she does a lot of fun stuff.” Yereldine, fourth grade


“I love how nice she is because she is always generous and helping us out when we need her. It’s really nice to have help in case we don’t know the answer to a question.” Kaizer, fourth grade


“We get to do fun activities for writing and math.” Olly, fourth grade


“I like everything about her. She is really kind and she treats you the way she wants us to treat her.” Rachel, fourth grade


“Even though she is teaching 4th grade, she makes sure to do fun stuff with us.” Alex, fourth grade