North Cache Middle School Teacher of the Year, Kelli Christensen, teaches perseverance and optimism in and out of the classroom

Kelli Christensen


Congratulations to Kelli Christensen for being named North Cache Middle School’s Teacher of the Year! Christensen graduated from Utah State University with a degree in mild to moderate special education. She currently teaches 8th-grade English and study skills. Her genuine care for struggling students is what makes her an exceptional teacher--one who gives students the support and encouragement they need to succeed. 


“Mrs. Christensen shows an incredible amount of patience and concern for each student,” a North Cache parent explained. “Her amount of preparation, diligence, and work on behalf of each student to succeed is extraordinary.” Though Christensen sees many students moving through her class every day, she loves teaching middle schoolers and strives to give each of her students the time and attention they need. 


Kelli Christensen with students


Christensen believes that middle school is often a difficult time for adolescents, and for students with additional learning disabilities, it can be especially challenging. Christensen hopes that by showing her students that they have someone in their corner, they will rise to the challenges they face and come through triumphant. 


Because her oldest son suffers from a rare autoimmune disease, Christensen has a unique perspective on  the importance of hard work and positivity. Through the illnesses, surgeries, and doctor’s visits, Christensen encouraged him that he could do it and that everything would be fine. Though there are still struggles, her son has done extremely well and is currently studying engineering at the University of Utah. Christensen believes that constantly reminding yourself that “you can do it” leads to miraculous results, both in and out of the classroom. 


Kelli Christensen with student


“All students need someone who will notice them,” Christensen said. “I really believe in standing up for the underdog. I think that all kids can learn. But a big part of it is that kids need the right support. If someone is in their corner, holding them to high expectations, then they will respond accordingly. I hope my students always know that I genuinely care for them and I believe that they can do it and they can succeed.”