Helping students to feel safe, loved, and valued: Birch Creek Elementary's Danielle Bingham


Danielle Bingham


Danielle Bingham is an expert in classroom management. She believes that every student is different and unique, so her techniques to help her students succeed are as individual and diverse as her students are. Bingham directs her classroom with love and kindness. Because of this and many other reasons, she has been chosen to be Birch Creek Elementary's Teacher of the Year. 


Bingham's desire to teach started when she was a young girl. She has always loved working with children and teaching them new things. She thrives on making a difference in young people's lives. As a teacher, her motto is a quote by educator Ignacio Estrada: "If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn." Bingham applies this idea in all of her class plans and curriculum. 


Danielle Bingham and student


For the first year of her teaching career, Bingham taught math at Sky View High School and South Cache Middle School. The next year, Bingham taught Language Arts at White Pine Middle School. After this time, she decided she wanted to teach elementary school and she started teaching 5th grade at Birch Creek Elementary, where she is currently in her fourth year.


Considered a masterful teacher by her colleagues, Bingham believes she has succeeded when her students learn and grow. "I define success as that moment when I see the lightbulb go off for a student who has been struggling with a concept and they persevered," she explained. "I define success as when a student feels safe, loved, and valued in my class."


Bingham takes time to care for the individual student's needs. She works tirelessly to make learning engaging, challenging, and fun. Her colleagues note that she keeps an organized and well-run classroom, while still maintaining a great relationship with her students. 


Danielle Bingham and student


Birch Creek principal Trudy Wilson is impressed with how Bingham can help students individually while still bringing her entire class together to work together and achieve success. "She is an amazing teacher who cares a LOT about her students," she said. "Her classroom management is awesome, and even though she lays down the law, she also shows how much she cares while doing it. She is a great representation of our school!"