Building relationships through connections and tacos: Cache High’s Teacher of the Year MaKaela Cutler


Teacher Makaela Cutler with student


MaKaela Cutler has CCSD in her blood. Her mother, current Mountain Crest principal Teri Cutler, worked at many schools throughout the valley and Cutler grew up moving around the valley and attending different CCSD schools. Little did she know that she would eventually become an educator and be chosen as Cache High’s 2020-21 Teacher of the Year.


While pursuing a psychology degree at USU, Cutler worked as a special education aide at Cache High. After graduating from USU in 2018, Cutler earned her teaching certificate and began teaching psychology at Cache High. With the help of Cache High Principal Sheri Hansen, Cutler later received an endorsement to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) and started teaching that as well. 


Teacher MaKaela Cutler and student


“MaKaela is impressive,” Principal Hansen said. “She is a self-starter who can get more done in ten minutes than the average person can do all day. She is a thorough, precise, and critical thinker. MaKaela is passionate about education and helping kids and she has valuable leadership skills which she demonstrates daily as she works with youth. She is a team player and works well with others. Students look up to her because she is an excellent role model. She is honest, dependable, and proactive. MaKaela is an all-around good person and kind adult.” 


Cutler is not only an inspiring teacher, but she strives to have a personal connection with her students. Santos, a senior at Cache High, said, “Kaela actually cares. She’ll check up on you when you’re not at school. If you’re behind on stuff, she’s always there to remind you.” His classmate, Dixie, has also been positively impacted by Cutler. “Ever since I got here, she has been so helpful,” she said, “and I get along with her like she is my friend and not just my teacher.” 


MaKaela Cutler and students


Cutler believes that building relationships is paramount to a successful educational experience. She hopes that her students always know that she is there to support them, even after they’ve graduated and moved on from Cache High.


“I want my students to know that even after they leave Cache High, we’re not going anywhere,” Cutler explained. “I hope they know they can always count on me for the rest of their lives. I will always be there for them. Even though I was their teacher in high school doesn’t mean I will stop looking out for them and want to know what they’re doing. I am proud of my students for what they do every day and that they strive to be what they really want to be.” 


MaKaela Cutler on Taco Tuesday


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