USU Student Organizes Generous Donation of Masks, Hygiene and Cleaning Supplies

Masks and Hygiene Supplies


Many thanks to Jacob Snow, a student at the Jon Huntsman School of Business, for organizing a recent donation to our district of masks, hand sanitizer, and cleaner. Snow was motivated to do the project by a course he is currently taking at USU, where he was given the assignment to lead a project. He recruited the help of the young men’s organization from the Logan 5th ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Five young men and four leaders participated, along with Snow and his wife, to collect the donations.


Snow said he chose this specific project because of his past experiences at school. “I remember as a kid,” he explained, “my school would typically run low on different types of supplies as the year would go on and I figured that hand sanitizers and wipes would be no different. I also know that kids can easily forget things. Because we had donations of masks, students can go to class even if they forget their masks.”


Snow’s thoughtfulness and hard work resulted in the donation of approximately 350 face masks, 40 bottles of hand sanitizer, 14 packages of disinfectant wipes, and four bottles of disinfectant sprays. We appreciate the efforts and generosity of the Snows, the Logan 5th ward, and all those who donated.