South Cache choir teacher creates virtual concert to showcase students amid COVID-19 shutdown

Virtual Choir Concert


Since last March, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges and obstacles. As a district, we're proud of the way that our educators, administrators, and students have worked together to face these difficulties. Often, the solution to a challenge is also a unique opportunity. At the end of last school year, South Cache Middle School choir director Jason Petrovich made the decision to give his students one such opportunity--through a virtual concert.


Seeing other schools and organizations presenting virtual concerts inspired Petrovich to pursue the same project with his students. With a concert already planned before schools closed, he asked students to record themselves singing their parts while listening to the accompaniment on headphones. He had them practice doing so as assignments in the weeks before their concert clips were due, to perfect the process. 


Using Adobe products, Petrovich spliced together the students’ audio clips to create a cohesive sound. Listening to the finished product makes it difficult to tell that the students aren’t in the same room. Petrovich said that he was determined to give students the chance to still perform so they could see that although the schools were closed, they could still create something wonderful.


“Even though we were cooped up inside we could still kind of create something that was a cool project and just seeing how they could prepare things on their own and how their confidence grew was really special,” he said.


Click here to view the concert: South Cache MS Virtual Choir Concert