Finding a calling in an unplanned career led Brady Fonnesbeck to Sky View High School

Brady Fonnesbeck


Brady Fonnesbeck had plans to go to medical school after earning his bachelor’s degree in Biology Composite Teaching at BYU, but after shadowing a teacher at Provo High all of those plans changed. 


He explained, ”Once I got in that classroom, everything changed for me. The deciding factor for me deciding to pursue a teaching career and not the medical profession was how much I enjoyed being around the kids and the energy they provided.”


Fonnesbeck said he doesn’t feel like he has “worked” a day since — even though his years as a secondary teacher have been a lot of work. He has been selected as a new assistant principal at Sky View High School. 


Fonnesbeck worked in Washington County School District for 13 years before coming to work as Sky View’s Anatomy and Physiology teacher. After falling in love with the culture of the school over the last two years, he said he could not pass up the opportunity to apply for an administration position. Fifteen years of teaching in a classroom have helped prepare Fonnesbeck for the challenges and triumphs of working in administration because he knows how valuable building relationships within the school community is to succeed. 


“In this profession every school day you get an opportunity to influence and build positive relationships with students, the teachers you work with and the parents who make up the community in which you live,” he said. “There is truly nothing like it and I am so grateful to be a part of it.”


Mason Cardon, fellow science teacher at Sky View, said that Fonnesbeck is an exceptional educator. He said that you never hear Fonnesbeck speaking negatively about his job. Cardon believes Fonnesbeck will make a great principal because of his leadership skills and ability to get the best out of people while making them feel valued.


Brady’s quiet confidence is one of the things that make him a great leader. He is one to lead by example first and foremost,” Cardon said. “You know that Brady isn’t going to ask you to do something that he won’t do or doesn’t already do.”


Fonnesbeck is very excited for the opportunity he will have to influence the culture of Sky View as a school, not just in his classroom. He realizes that his scope of influence is expanding and hopes to do as much good with that influence as possible. 


Congratulations Mr. Fonnesbeck and good luck in your new position as assistant principal!