Painting the sky at White Pine Elementary

eagle skylight painting


Having no students in school buildings during the summer gives the staff opportunities to complete projects they may not be able to do when kids are bustling through the halls. Kathy Schultz, paraprofessional at White Pine Elementary School, took advantage of the empty halls this past summer in order to create a beautiful art project. 


Shultz painted two eagles flying in the clouds on the walls leading up to White Pine’s skylight. The eagle is White Pine's mascot.


“I was asked to paint something, and then in my creative process I began thinking of our eagle mascot flying high and enjoying the sky,” Schultz said. “I painted the sky and two eagles, with hidden animals within the clouds. It's for our elementary children to gaze up at the eagles and figure out what is hidden.”


Using mainly house paint in various colors, Schultz created the beautiful imagery to match the newly painted gray walls at White Pine Elementary. She said she is excited to see the children notice the artwork when they come back to school. 


eagle skylight painting


“I’ve enjoyed making some smiles — I can hardly wait to see the children look at it and hear their reactions. That's who I do it for,” she said. 


Principal Shellie Healy said that the new mural adds warmth and fun to their school environment. 


“I can't wait for the students to notice it — they will love it. Plus, I haven't been able to find all the hidden pictures yet so I am counting on the kids to help me,” Healy said. “I am so impressed with Kathy's artistic vision of that space and we are so lucky to have her at our school.”