Looking forward to a unique school year — Back to School 2020-21

Back to School


There is little doubt that the 2020-2021 school year will be one of the most unique educational experiences that administrators, teachers, and students will ever have. Amidst all of the unknowns, our Cache County School District community is looking forward to what this school year might bring. Here are some of the things they shared that they are most excited about:

  • I look forward to hearing students laughing in the hallways and I look forward to being able to say hello to them as I visit classrooms.”  — Doug Snow,  South Cache MS Principal


  • “I’m excited to learn to read and to meet new friends!” — Caleb, kindergartener at Cedar Ridge Elementary


  • “I'm beyond excited to be back in the classroom doing what I love to do — introducing students to my favorite books and helping them develop stronger reading and writing skills. Sure, some things will be difficult or inconvenient, but we can adapt and get through the tough parts together.” — Christa Bell, teacher at Sky View HS


  • “I’m excited about online school because I think it’s fun to sit at my own desk and my own chair and use my own supplies and do everything at my own pace. Using computers for learning is fun! I just met my new teacher online and I love her. She seems so fun.” -- Abby, 6th-grade online student


  • “I like seeing my friends and I like doing math and seeing my teachers. I like learning about stuff at school. I’m also excited to meet new kids. I’m excited to learn more Portuguese and speak a different language.” — Taycee, 4th-grade student at Sunrise Elementary


  • “I am absolutely looking forward to going back to school because I miss my kids! I have taught for 23 years and we have never had to go this long between seeing their smiling faces fill our spaces.” — Stacie Williamson, Canyon Elementary Principal


  • “I’m most looking forward to meeting new people. I love having a lot of friends and there’s more people at Green Canyon. I love that there are so many electives offered in high school and I’m really excited to take my food and nutrition class.” — Winter, freshman at Green Canyon HS


  • “I love art and computers. I can’t wait to go back so we can do all those fun things.” — Wyatt, 2nd-grade student at Cedar Ridge Elementary



  • I’m excited to get to know new kids and new families, as well as seeing familiar faces. I look forward to those connections with my students. I also really enjoy using technology and I feel like this is a cool opportunity for me to use those skills.” -- Kate Fluckiger, 3rd-grade teacher, online 



  • “I am excited to have class discussions with my students and to really apply the history we are learning in class to what is going on in the world today.”  — Sarah Hall, teacher at Ridgeline HS


  • “I’m excited to make new friends and see new teachers. I love art and I’m excited to get to draw things.” — Taylor, 2nd-grade student at Sunrise Elementary


  • “I love the students that attend Cache High!  I can't wait to see them.” —Sheri Hansen, Cache High Principal


  • “I am really excited to do online schooling! I’m excited to be able to learn and work at my own pace. I’m glad that I can study online and still get credit for it.” -- Carlina, 11th-grade student, online


  • “I can't wait to get back to school to find new books to read from the school library and to be able to get out of the house!” — Brayden, 6th-grade student at Cedar Ridge Elementary


  • “I’m excited to finally go to high school and to go to all the sporting events.” — Kennedi, freshman at Green Canyon HS


We are excited to welcome back our administrators, teachers, and students to the 2020-2021 school year. We hope this year will bring lots of learning and growth for our students.